UFOs flying over Lake Michigan in Chicago



This UFO sighting was filmed back in August 2015 but it was just today published on MUFON’s website.

Witness report: My husband and I were at the lakefront in Chicago on a Wednesday night in the air and water show was to happen that weekend so there were Jets and the like practicing during the daytime. We were crossing the street to go to Buckingham fountains when we saw this object in the sky over the water. It was very hard to distinguished what it was and we had no visible sound coming from it. No one else in the area seem to think it was anything or even notice it. I sent the video went to southern new stations but never heard back so we were just lead to believe that it was some thing for the air and water show. But the more times I’ve shown the video to people no one can tell me what it is.



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2 thoughts on “UFOs flying over Lake Michigan in Chicago”

  1. Hi! I was born in Chicago but I never saw a UFO besides being a UFO/ET believer.I’am also a member of the Raelian movement on February 6th,1975 sometime during the prophet Rael’s second encounter with are creators the Elohim! Despite other peoples opinions from outside the movement were not a UFO cult Rael himself said,”I don’t care about UFO’s only those that pilot them and what message they bring for humanity.”


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