UFOs Deja Vu – Shapeshifters, Skinwalker Ranch, Brown Mt Lights

Jan 15, 2020

Our ole friend Joshua P. Warren dives into our latest book “UFOs Deja Vu” and agrees that not all UFOs are “nuts and bolts,” but are “paraphysical in nature.” Examines why UFOs are seen in certain locations and agrees that sometimes the camera can “see” what the naked eye cannot! He quotes extensively the shamanistic research and work of clairvoyant Maria D’ Andrea who says she has been able to contact beings from parallel worlds while traveling out of body. Josh also theorizes along with author Tim Beckley about the reason UFOs are often seen around sacred Native American grounds, like those on the Yakama, WA reservation. Josh relates — as described in the book — his personal involvement over the years with North Carolina’s famous Brown Mountain Lights and our “association” with a local contactee Ralph Lael who kept a little man in a box under the front counter of his roadside museum. And not to be forgotten is Beckley’s holiday trip to the scene with UFOlogical trickster Jim Moseley and astute occultist Bishop Allen Greenfield. Josh also chimes in at the end of the broadcast about his own extensive research into the paranormal in the Las Vegas area (where he has recently moved to). You can obtain a copy of “UFOs DeJa Vu” from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/160… and check out Josh Warren’s website and subscribe to his free daily podcast – http://www.shadowboxent.com/


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