UFOs And Underwater Humanoids Of Azerbajan: Paranormal Eurasia

Nov 4, 2018
SIGHTINGS FROM SOVIET COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND OTHER SOURCES UFOs have been visiting this land by Caspian Sea for millennia. And sightings of strange underwater humanoids in the sea have been reported from Iran, Azerbaijan, and other lands around the Caspian. This is yet another video about the mysterious underwater beings that inhabit our oceans, lakes, seas and rivers… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM6Lr… Paul Stonehill, Russian paranormal expert, author and lecturer (contributor to Ancient Aliens on History Channel). Please subscribe to my channel. More videos are coming soon. China, Russia, Eurasia…I seek to promote knowledge between the nations; knowledge and experiences pertaining to paranormal phenomena, especially UFOlogy…Check out my other videos about USOs and underwater humanoids of Eurasia. Thank you.

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