UFOs and Their Crimes File: FBI File


It took three years, but The Black Vault got the FBI to release their Pre-Processed List of Previously Released Files, which is a list of just that – pre-processed files that have been released before (on ALL topics) and do not require a review prior to being mailed out.

This was the section of the much larger file, which referenced “UFOs and Their Crimes.”

On that list was a peculiar file entitled, “UFOs and Their Crimes”. A FOIA request was filed in August of 2020, for numerous UFO related references from this list, including the “UFOs and Their Crimes” file. The request was split into multiple cases, and the “crimes” file was given FOIA case 1488310-000.

The result of the request, after about 6 months of waiting, was that the FBI could not find the file. It is unclear why they are unable to find this specific file, nor is it clear what it was about. The FOIA denial letter is found below.

An appeal has been filed, and as of now, it remains to be processed.

Document Archive

The FOIA Response letter dated February 5, 2021:

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