UFO Story Of Albert Coe & Meeting With Descendant Of Ancient Aliens In 1920

Do aliens live among us? That is a difficult question. Since the 1950s, there have been a lot of stories of alien contacts and UFO encounters that circulate around the existence of extraterrestrials. Although Albert Coe’s story came out in the late 1960s, his encounter dated back to the middle of 1920. At the age of sixteen, Coe had a bizarre encounter with a stranger that later turned out to be a visitor from another planet. His case was also mentioned by profound UFO reacher Timothy Good in his book titled “Alien Base – The Evidence For Extra-Terrestrial Colonization Of Earth,” published in 1998. Coe’s story supports the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

In June 1920, Coe was on holiday with his family and went on a solo trip to explore the mountains along the banks of Mattawa River in Ontario. After exploring the river, he was going to meet his family to go canoeing. While he was having a great time alone on the river bank, he heard a voice screaming for help. He looked around but could not see anyone. Coe walked some yards towards the direction of the voice. Soon, he found a cleft, measuring five-foot-wide, situated diagonally in the direction of the river. As he approached further, he found a blond stranger trapped in the narrow crack that was around two and a half feet below the surface. He was severely injured with only one arm free.

Coe could not lift him up only using his hands. So, he decided to use his ropes and other equipment to pull the man up. After some efforts, he successfully freed the stranger and brought him up safely from a tight gap. The stranger had a wounded leg and was unable to walk. He asked Coe if he had some water. Coe used his hat to scoop the river water and the stranger drank it. Besides, he bandaged the stranger’s wounds with his handkerchief.

Albert Coe
Albert Coe

While Coe was helping the blond man, he noticed something peculiar in him. Coe wrote in his self-published book “The Shocking Truth (1969)” that “he was wearing an odd silver-grey, tight jumper-type garment… It had a leathery feel without a belt or visible fasteners attached, but just under the chest was a small instrument panel.”

Coe got curious and politely asked the stranger who he was and what he had been doing there. The man replied that he had come there for fishing in a plane that was parked nearby. Coe indeed saw a fishing rod and other stuff to support the man’s story. While they were having a conversation, the stranger was able to walk. He thanked Coe for his help and wanted to go to his plane.aliens from Venus

Coe insisted to walk with him to his plane but the stranger found it a bit uncomfortable and declined his offer. Regardless, the man soon understood that he could not walk without Coe’s help.

Subsequently, Coe helped him, reaching his plane, but the stranger asked him to make a promise that he would have never revealed anything to anyone about their meeting and the things that he was going to see further.

Coe agreed and the stranger showed him his plane, noting that it had been built by his father. “A round, silver disc, about twenty feet in diameter, was standing on three legs in the form of a tripod, without propeller, engine, wings, or fuselage.” The craft had no window which made Coe wondering how anyone could see out steering and navigating. The stranger told him that the craft was at the “experimental stage and highly secret” and that he was allowed to use it occasionally.

Norcans aliens
This picture-drawing is just from the book

The underside of the craft, which was no more than four feet from the ground, was separated into three compartments, which were revealed when the stranger pressed a button that released a short ladder. Coe assisted him onto the ladder, and when told to do so, gave him a “push” upwards and into the vehicle.

The stranger thanked Coe for his assistance and promised to meet him again in the future. Coe was instructed to step away from the craft during the liftoff which he did. He described:

“At first it gave off a low-whistling sound, picked up speed mounting to a high pitched whine, finally going above the audible capabilities of the ear. At that time, I experienced a throbbing sensation that was felt rather than heard. It seemed to compress me within myself. As it lifted a few feet above the ground, it paused with a slight fluttering, the legs folded into the recesses as it swiftly rose with the effortless ease of thistledown caught in an updraft of air, and then it was gone.”

Coe was confused because to his mind, he experienced something that was supposed not to happen as it was quite unrealistic. In six months, he met with the mysterious man again.

Coe received a note where it was written about his meeting with someone named Xretsim at McAlpine Hotel in Ottawa. He wondered if it was the same man that he had met near the river bank. Indeed, it was him. When they shook hands, Coe felt a strange sensation that came from a small device the stranger was carrying.

Coe later explained to Dr. Berthold Schwarz that the device “registered ‘Vibrational frequency’ of his body, the data from which could be shown on a television-like screen elsewhere.” According to him, his frequency was on the database, his every move was “monitorable”. Coe said: “They did this to make sure I’d keep my promise.”

During his second meeting, Coe found out that the man’s name was Zret. He had numerous questions that he wished to ask but Zret said he would tell him everything at the following meeting. However, he told Coe that he would not see him for several months. In the following year, they met in May and it continued for the next five decades. Ultimately, Zret revealed everything to Coe about him.

The Shocking Truth
The Shocking Truth by Albert Coe

Zret belonged to a small group of extraterrestrial beings who came to observe humans’ scientific advances. For earthlings, he was pursuing his carer in electronic engineering. The history of his people dates for thousands of years. But this particular mission began in 1904 when one hundred people such as himself “infiltrated every major nation of the planet – as small groups of technicians – to observe and evaluate” each step of humanity’s advancement.

“In earth’s time standard, I am exactly three hundred and four years older than you. This reversal to youth was a vital requirement is establishing our identity as earthlings, for the foundation block in the fulfillment of our mission here, depend upon being accepted by your various races, as their own.”

Zret told Coe that when he had fallen, the panel on his chest got broken and he could not send signals to his base for help.

In further meetings, Coe learned in detail about Zret’s civilization. He was told that they had come from a planet named “Norca,” which orbited Tau Ceti, situated at a distance of 12 light-years from the solar system. The planet stopped supporting life around 14,000 years ago, so they began exploring other habitable planets and fortunately found them in the solar system. During their visit, they met with Cro-Magnon humans (earliest human beings). They also established bases on Venus and Mars.

They evacuated from their planet using sixty-two huge carrier ships that could carry thousands of Norcans to their new home. The journey was disastrous as they lost several ships, killing thousands of people, and remained crash-landed on Mars. They had spent thousands of years on Mars and managed to survive in the harsh environment of the red planet. As they progressed, they send two ships out for better terrain, one to study Venus’s atmosphere and the other carrying majority of people to Earth.

According to Coe, humans on Earth were all dark-haired with dark eyes. The mutation occurred when Norcans started interbreeding them, and people with blue or green eyes and other complexions appeared.

“Interestingly, the locations offered to their “settlements” and the alleged point in time it occurred would lead some people to draw connections to this apparent mystery civilization and the legends of Atlantis.”

Zret stated that there is still a Norcan base on Venus and that they still regularly conduct experiments on Mars due to its thin atmosphere which makes it an ideal laboratory.

Coe never uttered a word about his meeting with Zret until the late 1950s. He finally told his wife but she hardly believe it at first. There is no way to prove if Coe’s stories are true but it should be noted that he never took any monetary help from them. All he did was writing a self-published book about his experiences. His account is still the most interesting and widely known to UFO researchers.




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