UFO Shoots Past helicopter Bangkok, Thailand, March 11, 2021, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 11, 2021 Location of sighting: Bangkok, Thailand This eyewitness was recording a helicopter flying over the neighborhood just at the right moment. A small black UFO sees the helicopter and shoots close to it, curving slightly, then shooting away before the helicopter pilots notice it. This is 100% typical behavior of alien drones. They are programed to find, investigate, record all data of flying technology. Flying technology is a priority for aliens to gather data on…because this allows them to accurately predict when humans will be capable of long distance space travel. Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

A recent UFO sighting in Bangkok has led others to suggest that aliens had already arrived on Earth.

Scott C Waring, a self-described alien hunter located in Taiwan, recently posted a cryptic UFO film. A black UFO can be seen shooting past a helicopter in a video taken on March 11 in Bangkok, Thailand. The UFO seems to be black in color and screeched through the sky at a fast rate.

Scott Waring believes there is an alien race on our planet.

Waring reported in a recent blog post that sightings like these suggest alien activity on Earth. UFO observations around human-made flying boats, according to Waring, could mean that aliens are holding an eye on human advancement.

“This eyewitness caught a helicopter circling above the neighborhood at precisely the same time. When a tiny black UFO sees the aircraft, it shoots next to it, curves slightly, and then shoots away before the helicopter pilots notice. This is just how alien drones do.”

“They’re programmed to look for, investigate, and archive all information about flying technologies. Alien study into flying technologies is a high priority for them since it helps them to reliably forecast when humans would be capable of long-distance space flight”, on UFO Sightings Everyday, Waring wrote.

During a test flight, a strange UFO was recorded.

A disc-shaped UFO was found over the Santa Lucia airport in Mexico a few days ago. A disc-shaped UFO can be seen hovering in the clouds while a plane takes off in a video shared online.

Following the analysis of the film, some internet users believed that aliens had already arrived on Earth. Governments and NASA, according to these alien hunters, are fully conscious of extraterrestrial activity, but are keeping the information hidden to avert popular hysteria.

An American Airlines pilot has previously confirmed seeing a UFO while flying from Cincinnati to Phoenix. The sighting was verified by American Airlines officials, who requested that media outlets approach the FBI for more details.



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