UFO Landings & Humanoids: Seven Spectacular Cases

Among the most spectacular of all UFO encounters are cases of landings and humanoids. These cases are not nearly as common as sightings, and yet they have been occurring all over the world for many decades. Encounters like these are very important because they are so close that any explanations of misperceptions or hallucinations become completely untenable. These cases also remove any doubt that UFOs are in fact craft occupied by living beings. These are the kinds of cases that answer many of the questions surrounding the UFO phenomenon, such as what are they, where do they come from and why are they here? This video presents seven dramatic cases, one from each decade, starting in the 1950s and moving forward to the 2010s. Each case involves a landed craft and humanoid figure. These cases also provide considerable physical evidence in the form of landing traces, physiological effects and even photographs. Aug 25, 1952: Musician William Squyres of Frontenac, KS was driving to work early in the morning when he saw a metallic craft with portholes hovering alongside the road. To his amazement, he could see a humanoid figure in the front of the craft. When he shut his car door to get a closer look, the craft zoomed upward and was gone. He called the police and they returned to the site where they found landing traces. Project Blue Book came to investigate. They were unable to explain what he saw and officially declared the case UNIDENTIFIED. Jul 21, 1967: Ronnie Hill (age 14) was in his backyard in Oriental, NC when a strange odor filled the air and the animals became deathly quiet. Looking up, he saw a UFO. Moments later, a smaller 9-foot white sphere began darting around. Ronnie dashed inside and retrieved his camera. Coming back outside, he saw that the sphere had landed. Then, to his shock, a small humanoid figure stepped out from behind the craft. Ronnie quickly snapped a photograph. Jan 27, 1978: It was nighttime when four teenagers trespassed onto a farmer’s property in Frodsham, England to go pheasant hunting. As they hid in the undergrowth, they were baffled by the appearance of a metallic craft floating just above the nearby River Weaver. Without warning, the craft moved toward them and landed in a field a short distance away. A herd of cows became immobilized. The boys watched in fear as two humanoids exited the craft and walked up to one of the cows, placing a weird cage-like device around it. Fearing that they were next, the boys fled. Each experienced a strange and unusual physiological reaction as they ran away. Mar 22, 1982, Donald Shallcross had just returned to his home in Slanesville, WV in the wee hours of the morning when his pets started acting up. Venturing outside, he saw what he thought was a plane about to crash in the fields near his house. Informing his family, he went to go help. Instead of a plane, however, he came upon a landed UFO and was confronted by a strange helmeted humanoid. The figure said he was a watchguard and had some important messages for all humanity. Mar 6, 1996: Lloyd Karambakuwa (age 17) was woken up in his home in Chipadze, South Africa by a loud clicking noise. Going outside to investigate, he was frightened to see a short glowing figure with a strange uniform and odd-shaped head moving quickly around the property across the street. Realizing it wasn’t human, he ran back inside. Unknown to him, a nearby security guard was also drawn outside by the same weird noise, and also saw the figure. The next morning, Lloyd found very strange footprints at the site. Mar 2001: After a day of fishing on the River Tocantins in Brazil, Vinicius DaSilva and Marta Rosenthal were driving home when they thought they had a flat tire. Strangely, nothing was wrong. But then Marta pointed to the right over the river where a large craft was hovering just above the river’s surface. A humanoid stood on a ledge and a hose-like device extended down into the water. It appeared to be sucking water up into the craft. 2011: World-famous archaeologist Klaus Honninger, his wife and several others were conducting a dig in the Ocucaje desert in Ica, Peru when a large UFO rose up from behind a hill and began to emit smaller orb-like spheres. After a few moments, the orbs returned into the craft which disappeared behind a hill. It apparently landed, because minutes later, Klaus was confronted by two tall humanoids with elongated skulls. They told Klaus to have no fear, that they had been on Earth long before humans were here, and they had an important message to share. Afterward, Klaus was able to actually photograph the object as it moved away. Each of these cases provides a fascinating glimpse into the UFO phenomenon, providing both evidence of ET reality, and also warnings from the ETs themselves about how we are treating each other and our planet. With many thousands of cases like these, it’s clear that we are not alone. PRESTON DENNETT WEBSITE: https://prestondennett.weebly.com/



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