UFO Evidence Found in the 15th Century Picture Suggesting Jesus Came From Space




Jesus Christ was an alien, and the immaculate conception is the result of an experiment in genetic engineering conducted by representatives of a highly developed civilization that exists on another planet. So say ufologists who discovered a UFO in a medieval painting with religious content.


The Italian artist Carlo Crivelli painted the painting “The Annunciation with Saint Emidius” in 1486


In the picture, as ufologists suddenly discovered, there is something very similar to an alien saucer. A strange object, in this case, emits a beam that is directed to the Virgin Mary.


Jesus beam


Finding such amazing details in the fifteenth century picture, the ufologists suggested that the cause of the immaculate conception, as a result of which Jesus was born, was this mysterious UFO ray.


“The birth of Jesus was the result of a large-scale experiment that the aliens had on the earthly woman. Probably Jesus was not the only child like that, but he was widely known – that is how things happened,” the Listverse quotes ufologists.



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2 thoughts on “UFO Evidence Found in the 15th Century Picture Suggesting Jesus Came From Space”

  1. Hello! The depiction of Jesus disembarking from a UFO is inaccurate to say the least actually the reverse was true.After Jesus was executed and place in a tomb the Elohim took a cell from his dead body and recreated it on the eternal life planet thanks to the advance nature of human cloning technology.He lives their to this day with the rest of the prophets of world religions that were brought back to life and live a immortal life on the eternal life planet.Our prophet Rael can confirm this based on his testimony when he was taken to the eternal life planet with the Elohim in 1975 and it corresponds to the year I was born.Its good that are prophet has a place there after his mission on Earth is completed and like the others he will be missed dearly by all the fellow Raelians like me left on the Earth.

  2. Hello! I’d like to follow up on what I recently said here about Jesus and add one more thing to the comment section.The claim that his followers saw Jesus emerge from the tomb he was buried in is obviously taken out of context.As I mentioned before a cell from his dead body was taken to the eternal life planet and brought back to life through cloning given the highly advance nature of Elohim technology the appearance of Jesus after his death and revealed to his followers is obviously a hologram that he was projecting from the eternal life planet.Since his followers didn’t have a understanding of science and technology at the time.It obviously looked to them as something spiritual or supernatural in nature.Do to humanities lack of knowledge related to such things all kinds of things can be attached by the uneducated to explain the so-called miracle of Jesus’s rebirth.Not to mention other so-called miracles supposedly done by Jesus.I hope this clarifies what I’am trying to say and hopefully humanity will accept this in gradual ways as our knowledge of science and technology advances.The potential is definitely there within us and taking a step off topic before I end this comment.When our prophet Rael went to the eternal life planet and saw all the prophet’s of old having dinner at a table Gandhi deserved to be there among them its unfortunate the chance to clone him was missed when his body was cremated after his death.As the Elohim said to Rael when he was there,”You’ve earned a place among us here after your physical death on Earth takes place.”If anyone earned a right to eternal life there after his physical death it was Gandhi to be sure.


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