“UFO Conspiracy” has to be an International Conspiracy

UFOs were observed only in the United States, and if the alleged conspiracy to hide the facts from the citizens was perpetrated only by the U.S. government, then it would be relatively easy to explain this one-actor one-act alleged conspiracy.

But it is not.

According to extensive data collected and published by National UFO Reporting Center, UFOs are observed in almost every land with a flag and a government.

Let’s look at the evidence and see where the data would lead us…

Great Britain

Great Britain is an amazing place to observe UFOs frequently. Here are just a few selected reports from the NURC database:

On 1/23/21, in Leeds England, a “red & white spherical triangular shape object” was observed for 30 minutes!

On 10/17/20, in Newton-in-Cartwell UK, “whilst driving north on A590 my wife and I observed [for 5 minutes] in distance an egg-shaped irregular object apparently still in the air…”

“Stunning interdimensional craft with ET’s inside…” Observed for 1 hour at Brighton, on 9/27/20.

“At 4–5 am Unexplained series of 20 + feint lights, in line, very high in the sky moving very fast.” Observed again for 1 hour on 9/20/20 at an undisclosed location in the UK.

Other Countries

“Glowing green dot in the sky appeared for over an hour” in Surabaya, Indonesia, on 8/8/20, for 70 minutes!

UFOs were observed in Decin (Czech Republic) for 10 minutes on 7/5/20 [the full observation description is in the Czech language which I can not read, unfortunately].

A 15-minute observation from Rankin Inlet (Nunavut) Canada took place on 7/11/20: “White round object turned sideways and was very skinny. Second bright light appeared next to it looked kind of like a star…”

“Strange pulsating bright light in the sky” observed for 30 minutes in Esfahan, Iran, on 5/1/20.

“Three red dot lights keeping their triangle shape and spinning in circles” observed in Yerevan, Armenia, for 1 minute on 4/28/20.

“One white star like light which was moving faster but i saw it for 5–10 minutes in sky in night time” observed in Jaipur, India, for 5–10 minutes, on 4/8/20.

In Nairobi, Kenya, a “Shining sphere” was observed for 15-to-20 minutes on 4/1/20.

“Ball Objects Redish pink cloud at least three within it went under the water came on shore…” was observed in Hinwit, Switzerland for over an hour on 3/19/20.

On 10/24/20, in Hamamatsu City, Japan, a 40-minute sighting was observed as such: “Small UFOs appeared in my Room on April 14th, 2020, captured in Video.”

“30 white lights moving evenly through the sky” were observed in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica for 10 minutes on 2/19/20.

An 8-minute observation on 1/1/20 from Portimao Alvor, Portugal: “Dozens of stars traveling east to North West, some moving in groups others independently…”

“Red Lights over Medellin,” described as “fireballs,” were observed for over 2 hours in Colombia on 12/7/19.

The list goes on and on

This list of international observations goes on and on. I don’t think there is a single country on earth where a UFO or a group of them was not observed.

Since a number of these amazing observations were not short impressions but events that lasted anywhere from 10–15 minutes to one or two hours, it is unrealistic to assume that the government and air force of these countries were unaware of the spectacular sightings.

It is logical to assume that the governments of all these countries were and still are aware of these inexplicable aerial events.

But none of these governments disclosed any official explanation that these observations were UFO sightings with extraterrestrial origins.

All of Them…

Therefore, if there is a conspiracy, then it is logical to assume that the conspiracy was committed not by a single government but all of them!

Now, how many issues you know in which 190 countries agreed to act in unison and agreement?

Global warming? Nope.

Disarmament? Never.

Human rights? Sure not.


What motivation would drive all these countries to get together in an international organization (unknown yet to the rest of us) for the specific purpose of hiding “the facts” from their citizens?

Since at least a dozen of these countries have a free press, we also have to assume that press and media were a part of this international conspiracy as well, suppressing all news of UFOs and aliens.


It would take a great leap of imagination for me to believe that all these countries and their media are in on the alleged conspiracy, in the sense of hiding the extraterrestrial (“alien”) nature of UFOs. That’s why I’m inclined to dismiss a probability of conspiracy.

But, as always, I’m open to better arguments, evidence, and hard data.

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