UFO and Paranormal Museum Opens in Pine Bush, New York

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 The doors to the brand new Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum in the Town of Crawford, New York held its Grand Opening on June 4th. The museum is described as an ‘interactive experience’ where each of the exhibits will depict “a mysterious and inexplicable event reported in New York’s Hudson Valley”. Visitors to the museum can share stories and conversations about their own paranormal experiences. You can even experience what it is like to get ‘abducted’ by aliens (well, not for real). (see the museum website here)

 The Hudson Valley has become known as a hotspot for the paranormal. This is the region where The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the headless horseman stories by Washington Irving were derived when, according to the legend, a Hessian soldier was decapitated by a cannon in 1776 around the time of Halloween and continued to ride – headless.

 Native Americans told stories of how what is today Bannerman Island in Dutchess County is possessed by evil spirits. Sailors believed that goblins controlled the winds and brought dangerous storms to the area. With miles and miles of dense woods and water sources in the region, there have even been numerous Bigfoot sightings and encounters in Hyde Park, Highland, Pawling, Pine Plains, and other surrounding areas of the Hudson Valley.

 The Hudson Valley is also known as ‘the Area 51’ of the East Coast which experienced “The Hudson Valley Wave” of UFO sightings in the Lower Hudson Valley area in the 80s.


Looking for something new and unique to do with the family this summer in the Hudson Valley? Look no further than the Town of Crawford. Pack up the car and get ready for an out-of-this-world experience.

For what feels like months now, we’ve been patiently waiting for the Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum to invade the Hudson Valley. Well, the time is now.

The Town of Crawford announced on their Facebook page that the Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum will open its doors on June 4th, 2021 for a special preview night. There is a limited quantity of preview night tickets, but general admission tickets for the museum go on sale on June 5th.

The UFO and Paranormal Museum is described as an interactive experience. Now, you’re not going to get abducted by aliens (well, we can’t guarantee that won’t happen…) but the museum’s website explains you will get a lifelike run through of what might happen:

During the interactive tours, you’ll have the opportunity to see, hear, and feel what so many have described as being the most unusual and defining moments of their lives.

Guided tours are available Tuesday through Sunday, where you will walk through several displays and exhibits. Each exhibit will be “depicting a mysterious and inexplicable event reported in New York’s Hudson Valley.”

Visitors of the Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum are share stories and have conversations about their own paranormal experiences.

You can visit The Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum, tourism center, and gift shop at 86 Main Street in Pine Bush. Tickets can be purchased online at the Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum website.

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Sleepy Hollow – When you’re talking about haunted Hudson Valley locations, it always has to include Sleepy Hollow. We all know The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving and the headless horseman stories. According to the legend, the New York Historical Society and History.Com, the story of the headless horseman is based on real events that involved a Hessian soldier who was decapitated by a cannon in 1776 around the time of Halloween.


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