Top Twenty UFO Encounters in Nevada

Oct 25, 2020
While UFOs are seen across the world and in every state in the United States, the state of Nevada has produced some of the world’s strangest and most influential encounters. Sightings, landings, face-to-face encounters, onboard experiences, UFO crash/retrievals — Nevada has them all, and more. This video presents the top twenty best UFO cases in the Silver State. Some are well-known, others have received almost no publicity at all. But each of them have contributed to our understanding of the subject and shaped our beliefs and feelings about the UFO phenomenon. Weird cat and mouse games as UFOs terrorize motorists along desert highways, Blue Book unidentified cases, unknown metallic craft surrounding military planes, aliens mingling among the crowds in Las Vegas casinos, UFOs landing on military bases, giant fleets of objects, secret government projects reverse engineering alien technology…the Nevada UFO story is stranger than you might think! These top twenty Nevada UFO cases will not only amaze you and inform you about Nevada’s rich history of encounters, they will change the way you think about these strange visitors to our planet. Which cases made the top twenty list? What are the top three? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

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