Top 10 Proof of Anunnaki Aliens Among Us

Kim Jones

The word “Anunnaki” means ‘princely blood’ also the father and kings of god. In the past the anunnaki transferred the knowledge to ancient man. They are also aware of the people who came from heaven or stars. During 19th century the archaeologists of ancient Nineveh found 22,000 clay tablets connected with anunnaki.  Here are the top 10 evidences to prove the Anunnaki Aliens Among Us.

Proof of anunnaki aliens

(1) Human foot prints

The human foot prints have been found in California along with the dinosaur foot prints. This has been proved over 65 billion years. This proves the human beings were on the earth before billion years. So this clearly shows the aliens were alive in earth.

(2) Appearance

The US government in 1940 proved that the anunnaki are seven or eight feet tall. They are with milky white skin and their eyes look red in color. Their cellular electrical capacity is much higher than ours.

(3) Anunnaki camps

The US government has made the existence of anunnaki camps in conflict with one another, to deal with both.  Prince Marduk heads the camp of 330 anunnaki here from Nibiru sine in 1970.

(4) Anunnaki scientist

During 2016 BCE the chief scientist of anunnaki, prince Enki, told that the anunnaki rocketed to Iraq 450,000 years ago from a planet called Nibiru. They have insists the author Zecharia Stichin not to reveal the secrets of anunnaki anywhere in recent centuries.

(5) Mining gold

The miners from the Nibiru spent lifetimes mining gold in Africa until 300,000 years ago. The anunnaki came to earth for the gold to send back to Nibiru to concentrate into atmospheric shield. There were also more efficient and intelligent miners.

(6) Ruling of anunnaki

The anunnaki helped the flood survivors and build cities of more than 45,000 people in the middle east, Egypt and Indus Valley. They also built airports, Pyramidal powerhouses and also temples around the earth. They also ruled the new civilizations as gods.

(7) Anunnaki civilization

The anunnaki gave the best and the worst civilization of law codes, taxes, temples, medicines, wheeled vehicles, art, music and textiles. They also taught mathematics, grammar, botany, zoology and geography. They also had a worldwide energy in different aspects.

(8) Anunnaki stay on the earth

They made our predecessor, to follow the values of the nibiran mentality. We can assume the values of extraction, pollution, monetary monopoly and obsession with gold.

(9) Use of weapons

The anunnaki taught us violence, greed, debt, violence, greed, slavery and weapons of mass destruction.  They also made the nuclear blasts and fallout storms and most anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE.

(10) Direct democracy

The US government offered direct democracy to run the planet instead of Nannar’s power elite. The anunnaki and Nannar’s are travelling in pairs for creating a direct democracy.

The above review explains the proof of the anunnaki and how they live on earth. The clay tablet which was found over long years shows the proof of anunnaki proof on the earth. The anunnaki also ruled the race called ‘lgigi’ who worked for the anunnaki. So, this review will be useful to know about the anunnaki.

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