Three huge spaceships (150-mile-wide) are heading to Earth

The UFO phenomenon has risen since the beginning of 2020. More and more UFO sightings are recorded on most continents every day.

There are also separate air protection agencies with underground labs that research all materials relevant to the UFO phenomena. One cannot eliminate the assumption that the secret services now contain and research UFOs or perhaps extraterrestrial beings.

According to SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), three large ships have been found and are dangerously approaching our world. The biggest ship is about 150 miles long.

The HAARP device played a crucial role in the detection of these alien spacecraft. HAARP was primarily planned for the observation of aurora borealis.

Subsequent comments say that these extraterrestrial spacecraft can be seen from Earth as they enter the orbit of Mars.

One of the predicted dates for this occurrence is July 4, which would also include possible interaction between the human race and the aliens.

See the video below and see for yourself.


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