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Are the engineers trying to kill us? In the film Prometheus, life on earth was created by a group of giant aliens, known as the engineers. However the engineers grew displeased with humans and created a version of the xenomorphs, aka the aliens, to destroy us. At one point archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw says “they created us. Then they tried to kill us. They changed their minds. I deserve to know why.” They why is simple. We failed them and killed those they sent to help guide us. The human species is a failed experiment that they want to end.



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  1. Hello! I disagree with portraying are ET creators as giants nor do I subscribe to the narrative of the movie mentioned in this post.Humanity isn’t a failed experiment yes there are problems among us however there is also untold potential from within are own consciousness to make things better the potential I speak of could be labeled the Elohim potential even if humanity destroys itself it is fair to say that a small part of humanity can be risen from the dead to start over again what better way to do that than with the people of the Raelian movement and the help of human cloning technology to help bring this about too.


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