This NASA Official Went Against Orders By Revealing This Secret He Was Told To Keep Quiet

Jan 26, 2021

This NASA official went against orders by revealing this secret he was told to keep quiet. Today, we take a look at what this NASA official was keeping a secret.

How much do we really know about space? Its magnitude has allowed for many aspects to go unknown since humans first left Earth and have experienced life outside our planet. Astronauts have ventured where very few have been, but some of them have come out and spoke about some of the interesting things they witnessed while in space.

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1 thought on “This NASA Official Went Against Orders By Revealing This Secret He Was Told To Keep Quiet”

  1. Hello! I don’t get why we are establishing a lunar base if we already have one in secret because of the secret space program.How are they going to keep that a secret without revealing the other one already in operation?I’am sorry if I’am asking the samething twice but I think its a question worth asking in any case.


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