They WILL Return…The First Signs Are ALREADY Appearing In Our Skies

They have been seen, in both modern times and also in the very distant past. In the ancient records, there are countless examples of otherworldly beings who came from the heavens. Even more fascinating is the fact that every major ancient culture said they would return.



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1 thought on “They WILL Return…The First Signs Are ALREADY Appearing In Our Skies”

  1. Hello! If every ancient culture remarks that off world beings will return in the future.They must be talking about our ET creators the Elohim but before they come we should meet them half way by building a embassy especially for their return and hopefully to stay if possible.I’d like to visit their homeworld not to mention the planet of the eternals.We shouldn’t have to die and be brought back to life through cloning in order to see how they live there.I’am quite certain something could be arranged to make this possible.Based on what Rael reported while on this planet there were a small group of humans that lived there thanks to the Elohim’s approval.They would be interesting to get to know in any case.I’am more than ready for their return!


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