They Walk Among Us

UFOs are seen all across our planet. The same is true for extraterrestrials. In fact, ETs are sometimes seen in locations you’d least expect. It may sound incredible, but the truth is, people are seeing ETs in public, walking among the general population. And it’s not just a few cases. There are a lot of them. Convenience stores, schools, bookshops, restaurants, theaters, churches, buses, subways, casinos, gas-stations, hotel lobbies, train stations and more — no place is off limits. These reports include a wide variety of grays and strange humanoids. How can this happen? Have ETs infiltrated our society? What are they doing? Why are they here? Cases like these raise all kinds of questions! This video presents nearly 20 different cases of ETs mingling in public places. The cases show some startling similarities and provide some important insights into the UFO phenomenon. You may have seen an ET and not even know it!




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