There is something on the hill | NASA Lunar Orbiter 3 ( image 3LO 3 213 H1 ) NASA scout fire photo

Jan 24, 2021


Interesting photo from Nasa Lunar orbiter program 1963. Where there is like campfire on hill top with smoke coming from it and also the landscape below is reminiscent of a residential area some have call that image “the scout fire photo. On earth that could be a scenario having boys from the village having scout camping up there and lit a campfire on top of the hill. Hence the reference to “scoutsfire”. But smoke can be ruled out since it rises only where there is an atmosphere which there is none on the moon. A rocket lunch can also be ruled out since no one was suppose to be on or around the moon when the satellite orbited it. Keep in mind this is very early in the space race 1963. First human satellite was at this time still fresh news being lunched only six years earlier in 1957 (Sputnik 1).

The surroundings are interesting too. Most likely this environment is a normal lunar landscape but still it seems like there is something odd with it anyway.

It is not just the “smoke” on the hilltop that is peculiar (marked 5). Also the ” reminiscent of a residential area” below it and finally there are odd things at right for the middle of the image (marked 3).

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