The Zeta Greys

Richard welcomes two lifelong contactees of the Zeta race, Paul and Syann Hamden, both of whom have conscious recall of their contact with the beings that they work with. They are deep trance mediums working with spirit guides to assist others and, in the latter half, talked about the ET presence on Earth, disclosure, and healing. Guest: Syann Hamden is a lifelong contactee of the Zeta race and has clear conscious recall of her contact from 4yrs of age. Her memories include many experiences onboard craft with the same beings that she now works with. She is also a deep trance medium that has worked with spirit for 30 years. Guest: Paul Hamden is a lifelong contactee of the Zeta race and a deep trance medium. He also works with spirit guides to assist others. Paul has been visited by the Zetas since when he was 18 months old. In 1978, he and three friends witnessed a cigar-shaped craft no more than 8 meters away. In 2013 in New South Wales, Paul arranged for a craft to come – it physically landed with around 20 people present; the beings came out of the craft and walked around the people.



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