The World’s First Academic Research Study on UFO Contact Experiencers – Rey Hernandez

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation, or FREE, is a 501c3 academic research foundation co-founded by the late Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild, Australian UFO Researcher Mary Rodwell, and Rey Hernandez. FREE is comprised of 12 retired academic professors and lay researchers. FREE is NOT a Ufology organization. Our mission is to research the relationship between Consciousness (the true nature of our multi-dimensional reality and how we as humans interact with it) and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, which includes UFO Contact. Over the last 5 years FREE has been conducting the world’s first comprehensive multi-language, worldwide, academic research study on UFO related Contact Experiencers. Before our research study, we actually knew very little about this phenomenon. We have received over 4,200 responses to our 3 extensive surveys from individuals from over 100 countries for our English language surveys. We also have our surveys in other languages. We have also interviewed hundreds of UFO related Contact Experiencers for our research project. Much of our research findings contradict what is circulating in the field of mainstream Ufology. Why, because the necessary basic research was never undertaken. All we had were hundreds of books written by individual UFO contact experiencers but no comprehensive academic research on this phenomenon. No one has ever attempted to collect this information in a comprehensive and systemic academic manner, developed and directed by retired Ph.D. academics working with lay investigators.



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