The World After Post Disclosure?

Full Disclosure 2020? The World After Post Disclosure? (Part 1)


Full Disclosure


Today we begin a four-part series on Full Disclosure 2020.

2020 has been the year that just keeps on giving. Here’s a sample:

  • Pandemics
  • Riots in the U.S.
  • Total sporting blackouts
  • An acquittal of a U.S. president
  • Devastating bushfires in Australia
  • Two royals leaving the nest
  • Massive unrest in Hong Kong
  • U.K. leaving the European Union

There’s much more to add to that list and we aren’t even half way through the year. A similar year to 2020 occurred back in 1968 but this time, it has a different feel about it.

And there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight if you want to take the pessimist view.

So with all the above going on and more, full disclosure on aliens seems like a billion light years away.

Full Disclosure Just A Pipe Dream?

Full Disclosure 2020
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Despite the Pentagon releasing three unclassified videos in late April of unidentified aerial phenomena, full disclosure in 2020 is just a wishlist hope.

Planet Earth appears to be “on fire” at the moment and 2020 is a year when the unthinkable is becoming reality.

It’s a “never say never” scenario and it appears the world is a very divided place. The only real bright spot in recent weeks was the Space X launch and for a moment, we were all rooting for the same side.

But what if we use this “anything can happen in 2020” analogy on the alien full disclosure equation?

You know, expect the unexpected.

It’s unlikely but hey, it’s 2020. Nothing is impossible. Right?

On that premise, then hopes of a declaration about our ET visitors may not be such a reach.

After all, I’ve been told many times – don’t hold your breath.

There’s too much unrest in the world so how would an alien disclosure help? Many say it would cause even more widespread panic.

Not exactly what we need right now.

But I’m an optimist.

What better way to bring the world together – unified in one cause?

A full alien disclosure perhaps?

Remember Ronald Reagan’s famous extraterrestrial speech to the United Nations in 1987? He said…

I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”.

Experts Weigh In

Earlier this year, Aliens Revealed Live conducted a three day online summit featuring thirty leading experts on all things extraterrestrial.

While they spoke at length on their chosen subject, I asked them all one common question on full disclosure.

“Are we close and what would a post disclosure world look like?”.

One of the reasons we did this is because when you throw a question at any group of people, you’re going to get differing opinions.

And that’s exactly what we got during the original 42 minute disclosure special. It’s nothing fancy visually, just honest opinions from people on the frontlines of the disclosure topic.

Here are snippets of some of the responses.

“Well, I think disclosure happened when the New York times printed the article about the Nimitz affair…”

“Well, I think we are never going to have a full disclosure…”

“I think the world will be in a much better place once that happens…”

“In 2012 I shifted gears, realized I was on the wrong train and realized that consciousness is a key part of this thing. So if you hear about people in the government talking about nuts and bolts, free energy, they haven’t got a clue…”

“It’s happening already? And it has been the beautiful work of Hollywood…”

Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen.

We are the change the world has been waiting for!

Have you witnessed an unidentified flying object?

Whether you think UFOs are black projects, extraterrestrial craft, something else altogether, or just don’t know.

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


Love and Regards,

Happy Quarantine

Thank You,

Nancy Thames


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