The Undersea Nations Are Sending A Message To Humanity

It started a few days ago and now it’s getting louder. The people of the Undersea Nations are really hollering for our cooperation. If you feel you have some kind of connection with the folks down there, ask your guides now to see how you should be involved.

Communication Among All Species is Strengthening

If you read the recent Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16 , you will know the Gaia Communication Grid is nearly complete and will be fully online by the 8/8 portal (8/8/2020). Stuff is already coming online more than ever, and this report has everything to do with what I will say here.

What I was told was the various Undersea Nations are really hollering for our cooperation.

Re-Calibrating Gaia Grid Resources

A lot of these folks underwater (many are human or humanoid, some not) live around, underneath and nearby the various pyramids, Gaia grid intersections, and other power centers located all over the place. As we all know, the ca8al folks have historically bastardized and infiltrated a lot of these energy centers and the portals located near or in them.

So the undersea folks are asking us to get involved in hurrying along the correction of the infiltration. While some of the portals should be outright shut down, a good many of them were actually good in their original intent – and thus some only need to be shut down temporarily for this recalibration. This re-calibration is needed for Gaia’s ascension. These portals have connections to other places and dimensions, and thus are crucial to Gaia’s reconnection to everything – and this has everything to do with Gaia residents’ personal reconnection to other dimensions also – for all humans, animals, plants, and all life.

The people who know a lot about the ca8al infiltration’s and how to disengage them are the human-dolphin hybrids that the dark folks genetically engineered. We know about these people mainly from various disclosures from ex-military super soldiers such as Randy Kramer, etc. While there are still only a very few who are committed to working with the dares, these ones are mostly gone, will soon turn to The Light, or are on their way out soon – like really soon. All others already wish to work for the light, and are thus volunteering in helping identify and dismantle the technologies that rigged up the infiltration of the portals.

They Want to Meet Us Big Time

Anyway, those lightworkers reading these words who feel thus compelled are invited to go down, meet with the undersea folks, and help out. (Then go to a party later after the work is done!)

Aside from that, they’ve been anxiously awaiting for eons literally to commune with us again and celebrate and share in Gaia’s ascension with her many peoples.

I cannot tell you how happy they are at meeting us!

How to “Go Down”

If you’re not sure how to get access down there, ask your guides for help. There’s loads of help. I am told a lot of the cetaceans (orcas, dolphins, whales, etc.) are eager and waiting to act as safe escorts to the shimmering depths. Just imagine yourself in the water, meeting your guides and escorts who show up, and going to exactly the place you need to go and meet the folks there waiting to welcome you. You’ll automatically know what to do afterwards.

Have fun and have a great journey. The Undersea Nations welcome you!

– john

PS: Re the last paragraph above. There is loads of talk about the human collective awakening to new-found telepathic skills. Yes, this is indeed true. More and more, people are having vivid dreams, or are having thoughts, feelings, or imaginations never seen before. Well, that your doorway to telepathic communication. It’s that simple! Your imagination is actually your awakening telepathic skill! Trust it!


“Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, wants to build the equivalent of the International Space Station (ISS) — but on the ocean floor deep below the surface. “

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Source (This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.

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