The Truth Behind Alien Anal Probes

Nov 7, 2020

There are many very strange procedures that occur during onboard UFO encounters, but one that has been given more than its fair share of attention is the alien anal probe. It has become the butt of jokes on the internet. It has saturated nearly every aspect of our culture. The media has targeted this one particular procedure to a degree that it has come to define the UFO abduction experience in its entirety. While many people have joked about the alien anal probe, the truth is, it is very serious, especially to those on the receiving end. This video presents a deeper look into this bizarre phenomenon, and provides an in-depth analysis. It shows how the media has focused on this one particular aspect of the UFO experience above all others. It also presents firsthand cases from leading UFO researchers and the experiencers themselves. Why are ETs flying light years to examine the anuses of innocent humans? What is the purpose behind this extraordinary extraterrestrial excremental experimentation? This video answers all these questions and more. For those who would like to learn more about these cases and others, please check out my book, “Not from Here: Volume Three.”




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