The Story Of The Man The CIA Sent To Mars


Sep 23, 2020


Back In 2017, the CIA declassified right around 12 million pages of records which later was coined the “Stargate Project” that revealed previously unknown details about the program.

An Army veteran by the name of Joseph McMoneagle stood out among all the psychics who worked with the government’s top-secret program, which was utilizing remote viewing, like from the film the men who stare at goats with George Clooney. Over a 6-year period, From 1978 to 1984, McMoneagle participated in approximately 450 missions. These missions ranged from but were not limited to supporting the army in finding hostages in Iran as well as helping CIA agents locate shortwave radio allegedly hidden inside of a calculator of a KGB agent who was at the time captured in South Africa.

When reports and details of these Governments experiments leaked and came to the surface throughout the 1980’s, the Pentagon still denied that it was spending money on any form of paranormal research, trying to keep things hush hush, and brush them under the rug. Thankfully, in 1995, the CIA did publish a report that was created by independent American research and publishing institutions that actually brought the work of the US government with psychics for military intelligence purposes to light.

In these released CIA documents, one experiment is described where the most famous medium of this project, Joseph McMoneagle, former military and CIA was then offered to take an astral journey to Mars approx. 1 million years B.C. Crazily enough, In the end of May 1984, he actually took them up on it and did it. Joseph shared that the time portal he entered looked like there was a pyramid in the lowlands. The inside of this funnel was very smooth as if it was made of polished megaliths. Looking up from within, this seemed endless.

Joseph was what’s known as a remote viewer. Someone who practices remote viewing (RV) is developing their psychic abilities to see things that their two eyes don’t see, but rather their 3rd eye (pineal gland) does. Remote viewing has many skeptics, and is ostracized on websites like Wikipedia. Because, imagine if everyone knew that they could utilize something like this overnight. Developing psychic abilities and decalcifying their pineal gland (3rd eye) would wake up a lot of sheep.

Yet, films like “The Men Who Stare At Goats” with George Clooney were based off real life stories of military personnel practicing remote viewing.

Watch This Video To Learn More About Joseph McMoneagle and Remote Viewing

Joseph developed his psychic capabilities through remote viewing training within the military. He used these skills to follow a group of Martians on Mars. They tried to find a new place for living and ended up on a completely different planet, with seething lakes, erupting volcanoes, a smokescreen of smog and fog.

The official story goes that the psychic medium between this world and theirs was asked to establish contact with one of the aliens. Unfortunately, none of the creatures were able to be contacted, since the medium seemed to be just a hallucination for them, nothing came of it.


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