The Star Seed Experience: Signs For Recognizing Starseeds

The Star Seed Experience: Signs For Recognizing Starseeds

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This a desciptive list of starseed personality traits and unique characteristics. You can use these as a general guide to help recognize if you or someone you know is a star seeded soul. Although no descriptive list of personality traits can determine with certainty whether or not someone is a starseed, and although many people share or can relate to many of these qualities and experiences, if you relate or resonate with a majority of what is found on this starseed list then it is a positive indication that you may be in the process of awakening to your origin and purpose. Always trust your intuition and heart.

Starseed Dreams and Visions

Many starseeds have reoccuring visions and dreams which feel like daydreams but have more substance and feel more ‘real’. It’s as if there is a movie playing in their mind’s eye and they can play the role of themselves and even the other characters in the daydream, complete with thoughts and emotion. It feels as if they are recalling a memory or projecting a desired event into the future.

Dreams and even visions can include fragmented memories of people, places or events that seem vaguely familiar to them but whom they have never met in person. Often these dreams or visions actually manifest or come to pass indicating a clairvoyant ability. Some describe it as a feeling of ‘remembering the future’.

Many experience reocurring dreams of flying and may have had a few out of body experiences throughout their life. Many have the ability to have lucid dreams or have experienced astral projection.

Starseeds often experience missing time, or periods where times seems to either slow down or speed up considerably. Although, this is an experience that is happening to most people at this time on the planet as our perception of reality and time changes and consciousness expands.

A majority of starseeds even as young adults are night owls and enjoy staying up later than the average person. There is a peaceful feeling of solitude and clarity that starseeds feel at night. Those who do sleep earlier may find themselves suddenly awakening for no reason often around 3am. Many starseedshave unsual sleep patterns or find that they can get by on less sleep than the average person, but still there are periods where they may feel extreme fatigue and need more sleep than usual.

Characteristics and Traits of Star Seeds – Exploring the Heart and Mind of a Starseed

Starseeds often feel that they may have a special purpose or role to play in their life. They often have a desire to ‘heal or save the world’ when they take a look at the many problems. Some have a desire to ‘straighten out the many problems’ in society and on the planet or have aquarian ideals (and many are the astrological sign of aquarius), feeling that they have unique or unconventional solutions to these issues–and often do. Although sometimes starseeds feel alienated from others and society in general and often find human behavior puzzling and illogical, they still can feel compassion for humanity and a sense of unity with them.

Starseeds often experiences synchroncity in their life especially during times of transition or spiritual growth, either during extreme high vibrations of energy or during extreme lows. Seeing the 11:11 on digital clocks, and other double digit repeating number sequences suddenly ‘pop up’ in unsual ways when least expected is quite common. These experiences can help trigger the star seed to awaken more fully by paying more attention to how the inner world is connected to the outer world.

On a subconscious level starseeds often feel that something is ‘about to happen’ soon on the planet and that great changes are to be expected very soon. It is a feeling that something is speeding up and coming to a head or climax. This tends to be part of the starseed mission for incarnating on earth. During these great times of change they sense that they may somehow have a role to play, even if this just means gathering information of some kind or raising their own personal vibration and the vibrations of other people. This in turn can effect the entire planet energetically on a collective level. Eventually the starseed becomes more fully conscious of their purpose and can feel the waves of energy and shifting of consiousness that is now occuring on the planet.

Some starseeds may have a strong aversion to strong sexual joking or references, racial humor or foul language in general. Words carry a vibration and often starseeds can feel this and they can feel uncomfortable around people who constantly use negative words or obscene language, even jokingly.

Most starseeds are extremely intelligent and may have an above average IQ. Even as children they may have a love of learning and enjoy games, puzzles, riddles and anything. Many have a knack for analytical thinking and details but can also understand abstract concepts and have an appreciate for beauty and art.

Many Starseeds grow up with a strong interest in music and art in particular, and often enjoy writing and drawing or any form of artistic or creative expression. Most of them are avid readers even at an early age.

Even at a very young age starseeds can be avid readers who love to absorb material of any kind from fictionional fantasies and novels to self help books and non-fiction informational books. They love to learn and soak up knowledge on many different subjects, often causing them to become ‘jacks of all trades but masters of none’. It is is just that starseeds have such a unique and wide variety of interests and so many things fascinate them. They have the ability to absorb information quickly and many are speed readers and have excellent ability to retain, sort and organize information in their heads.

Starseeds tend to have an aversion to mundane types of employement or ‘dead end jobs’. They get bored by repetivite tasks unless it involves something they are passionate about. Starseeds dislike working for others and want to ‘be their own boss’. This does not mean that the starseed is lazy or dislikes work, but simply that they would prefer to get paid doing something they love or put their heart into and in areas where they are talented, can work independantly, or are making a difference somehow.

The Interests and Inner Nature of A Star Seed

Even from a young age starseeds may have a natural desire and even ability to heal. This is partly due to their empathic nature but also because of a sincere desire to assist others. They may have an intuitive sense of what needs to be balanced in someone or even a situation to achieve wholeness and well-being. They can often feel the pain of another as their own. This natural desire to help and heal often draws them to healing practices and even unconventional healing methods. They may devolop an interest in natural or alterative healing such as with the use of herbs, crystals, reiki, etc.,. Many enter careers that involve healing in some way, even fields such as counseling.

A large amount of starseeds have an attraction to the colors indigo and purple, blue, green and especially lighter and softer colors such as sky blue, teal and lavender. Starseeds feel attracted and drawn to the energy and vibration of nature and natural weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, lightning, waterfalls and the ocean surf. All of this is about energy and these particular things have a higher frequency or faster vibrating energy. There is powerful energy in nature and colors even carry particular vibrations and energetic impressions that can be felt by starseeds.

They have an inner knowing to ‘do what is right’ even if these things were not taught. Starseeds are often highly intuitive or have some psychic ability that may not even be realized as they had these abilities since a young age and they have become part of their everyday experience.

They also tend to have prophetic dreams or visions that later come to pass. Sometimes these dreams and visions are not always literal or direct and can appear symbolically as metaphor.

Most if not all starseeds are strongly attracted to space, and love to observe the stars, planets, moon, etc and feel an inner ‘calling’ or connection to the cosmos. They often feel a deep sense of longing, of want to ‘leave and return home’ but they just don’t know what home is. Sometimes they feel like a stranger in a strange land.

In general starseeds tend to have a strong attraction or interests in scientific fields such as astronomy, quantum physics, biology, chemistry and even archaeology, psychology. They may also have an interest in philosophy, metaphysics and of course various subjects related to the paranormal, occult, new age, spirituality, esotericism and mysticism.

No matter what the spiritual or religious belief (or lack thereof) that a starseed has, and no matter what they were taught to believe as children regarding any spiritual or religious concept, there is an inner sense, knowing or belief that there is indeed an all-powerful being or or Source -or- that there is creative universal force or unifying energetic presence that all is a part of as a whole. Starseeds can sense this unity in nature and when around other aware souls. Their attraction to the cosmos allows them to see the ‘bigger picture’ and they explore profound concepts in their mind even at an early age. They understand on a deeper level that there is a non-physical reality that extends beyond what we merely see with our five physical senses.

Starseeds tend to have a sometimes obsessive desire to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings that are not found in religion. They may see or search for similarities and parallels in various religious and spiritual teachings and seek to find the unifying and underlying principles with them. This results in many not conforming to one specific religion or set of spiritual beliefs, and instead exploring many different philosophies eastern philosophies to more western esoteric teachings.

Starseeds may feel drawn to various different ancient symbols and may have an intuitive understanding of their meaning and what they represent. They are attracted to these symbols often because of a strange sensation they get which often feels like a ‘knowing or memory’ of what the symbol represents energetically, despite what the symbol is being used for.

Most starseeds are attracted to the mystical side of life and nature and feel drawn to ancient cultures, sacred sites, and monuments such as stonehenge and the pyramids. Many resonate and feel a sense of familiarity conerning certain ancient civilizations or periods in time such as Atlantis or Lemuria; many feel or recall memories of past lives during those times.

Starseed Awakening

If you can relate to most of these traits and characteristics, feelings and experiences that there is very high chance that you are a starseeded soul. If you couldn’t relate to most of them this does not necessarily mean that you are not a starseed, but either way every individual still has a very important role to play during this time on the planet and all can assist in ushering in the new age. If you resonated or experience all of these traits then you may be a fully awakened starseed.

Remember that no list of traits, characteristics or ‘symptoms’ can fully describe an individual who may be a starseed or determine for sure if they are. Many of the traits and experiences listed here can descibe anybody from any walk of life, but sharing most of these characteristics and resonating with the concept of starseeds while experiencing a ‘gut feeling’ about this is a strong indication. Still, it is not something to run around and share with everyone as many people (even non-awakened starseeds) may not understand such concepts and may just think you are strange (of course starseeds are pretty strange!). Being a starseed is often something that you will just ‘know’ on a deep inner level of your being and your own personal experiences and inner guidance will speak for itself.

Whether you are in the process of awakening or are fully awake, keep up with your spiritual work on an inner level. Follow the synchronicities because they will guide you. Continue to open expand your mind and your heart and no matter what unexpected circumstances happen in your life, and especially when you are in low spaces of depression, feeling alone or misunderstood, never forget who you are.

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