The Shield

Oct 6, 2020
SHIELDing on the path of life. What is a spiritual SHIELD and how to gain it? How can a person defend himself in everyday life? How to get rid of manipulation from the outside? Why do people feel tired of communicating with each other, and how to avoid this? The physics of a crowd. Why do some people feel disgusted after visiting crowded places, while others feel great? What is the influence of a crowd, how does the system work, and how to protect oneself from its influence? How to protect oneself from fears and manipulations of consciousness? How to protect oneself from sorcerers, magicians, and all sorts of evil spirits? What does this mean in practice: to turn “demons” against the system? Is subpersonality harm or benefit to a human? Where does the fear of death arise from: from primary consciousness, secondary consciousness, or a subpersonality? How is consciousness trying to be likened to spirituality? How to understand where consciousness acts, and where Personality acts? What is a person’s individual talent, and does it have any relation to spirituality? How can Personality open up? What is the true Life? What is true happiness in the Spiritual World? What is service to the Spiritual World? Also in this programme: Were there paleocontacts in antiquity? What drives people to search for magic power? Visualization: harm or benefit? How justified is the fear of mirrors, and should they be feared? What does the desire to possess metaphysical abilities lead to? Where does the desire for uniqueness come from (“my situation is unique”, “my situation is exceptional”, “something happens only to me”, “only to me consciousness knocks this way”)? What is the difference between the Holy Spirit and the subtle material spirits of this world? What is the struggle going on for in the world and in a human?

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Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


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