The Reluctant Messenger Throwback Series 7: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Actions speak louder than words. We know that body language gives more accurate information than the words that are exchanged between people, but it’s the energy exchange that defines communication. Although less discernable to most people, the energy frequencies and vibrations offer more information than either words or body language. If you share the same energy patterns with another, communication occurs without speaking because you’re on the same wavelength; you’re in sync. We see this with our beloved animal friends. We don’t have to “speak” the same language for this communication to occur. Knowing this empowers us. By changing our energy patterns to match the other person’s, we improve communication. Bringing our awareness (PoE) to our heart space, and using heart energy, we can match the energy patterns of others. This engages the Emotional Guidance System which allows our awareness to expand into a field of energy that can then adjust our frequencies to match others. Become empowered. Use your heart when communicating with others.



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