The Paradigm Shift



The caliber of time has been changed many times, here on earth. This has happened to the point, of passing through a singular model of time in concept.
The creation of time passage and space occupation for humanity was threatened to be overtaken, controlled, and manipulated. In which there would be no return, to the creative structure that supported humanity. There were 3 main timelines for the earth, running in parallel. These were known as the 3 choices of humanity, and the requirement was a need for majority consensus, a high percentage.
These choices have been conducted and re-run in time loops. For to save and evolve humanity only one choice could remain. This is “The great awakening” the path that leads to “The new world” 5D freedom of creation. To outline these 3 timelines and the war of earth life. We need to look at each one individually. In each of these choices, a predestined “Event” proceeded the change.
The lowest vibration timeline was a majority “non awakening” this being the continuation of the 3D life, where severity and difficulty are often experienced. Control would return by those who will dominate.
The middle vibration 4D dark is where majority of humanity is destroyed, and cloned in smaller numbers as a slave race. The dark rulers take the earth, turning the tide of created life, taking total control and domination of the earth. This path becomes an evil mix of advanced technology, AI, Trans-humanism, and psychotic abuse for the humanity that remains.
The higher vibration 5D positive is where the majority choose “The Great Awakening”. This shift transforms life into a higher spectrum of “freedom of creation” the golden age on earth. Where there is plenty for everyone, mutual respect, new belief, values, and love.
We are on the single path now on earth of “The great awakening”, its final destination being 5D positive. At the time of “the event” a vibrational change will transform the earth and all life. All other parallel timelines, will fall away and cease to exist. There is only one path of choice that can be taken, as we pass through the singular eye of the hourglass.
We have won our freedom, the majority. This singular passage into the new world is absolute. Yet as we come closer to the eye, we will witness all things falling away. The crumbling of the 3D, and 4D dark world timelines.
Humanity as a whole will undergo the destruction of the other 2 lower vibrations. In this time, some of humanity will remain right through to the new world. Others will pass over and come into the new world, in new incarnations. No one is left behind, we are one humanity.
There are waypoints in the quantum space ready. These are like platforms set up in a timeless place. Like a moment where “all” are taken to zero points. Be it those crossed over or those remaining. Time is not a factor here, it’s where all time and space are blended, into a zero-point place.
It is here in this “moment out of time-space” that everyone will pass through. This is the place of healing, for all we have experienced. It is also where families and friends can negotiate new 5D life paths together.
The new world 5D will begin with those who remained. Yet everyone will pass through the zero-way point. In the blink of an eye, the new world 5D will be the only remaining vibration of the earth.
Nature & humanity will live in oneness and harmony. We will never forget what it took to set this path. As the great cycles of life begin again, by the fresh breath of new higher creation. “You” right now are sowing these seeds.
By Tracey Woods
Psychic Quantum Shaman
Artist: unknown

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