The Nazis Unknown Space Program

Science fiction enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, against the force of gravity once able to put the technology on the work of the Nazis, have been known, from the heavens one day a gigantic spacecraft with back to the future theory of all time. Well, such a possibility may be really?1322907540_12_nazilerin-uzaylilarla-alakasi

The Nazis have a space program and its giant UFO with the first of Antarctica, and then they go into space in the direction of the claims, immediately after the Second World War was being discussed. The us is the most important 20th-century science fiction writers, Robert. A. Heinlein, in a book he wrote in 1947, the Nazis, the epicenter of the idea that was put forward.

A swastika on the Nazi symbol of UFOs in the skies of that of Finland, the construction of the “Iron Sky” of the film will be released this year, the Nazis in the “secret” about the space program, have reopened the debate.

The u.s. capital city of Washington, the Smithsonian Museum of Space History, official Michael’s traditional yet creative cuisine, a space program, the Nazis did not begin at any time now. Traditional yet creative cuisine, “This is a misunderstanding arising from a situation of People… a rocket program, the space program is keeping the same. The Nazis only weapon is the rocket program was intended to produce. The Germans aim as the first V-2 rockets, in the long term is larger and more long-range rockets was to produce,” he said.


The Nazi Empire, there is 1933 and 1945 in the field of war between the military is too big to projects launched. The germans weapons technology to be focused on this, the scientific study of how size also made it difficult to be understood.

The Germans, such as Wernher Von Braun had many valuable scientist. However, space is obsessed by the discovery of the von braun’s genius is always a more powerful rocket was used for the development.

Von Brauns biographer Bob Ward, “the German scientists, rocket program, a space program, he wanted to continue… in the End, a space program, they think it will be, but it allows for the formation of the first military execution of programs… should the Germans in the power structure of a space program, plans were made for I don’t think that,” he said.

The Germans space program, interest in the Nazi power in the 1920s and ‘ 30s, had already started. Adolf Hitler, leader of Germanys always on the way of being and support of the Nazi party since its inception behind the Thule organization, gravity, elector-magnetic engines, was trying to develop.

Against the force of gravity can put spacecraft in 1935 as the first Hauneburg was tested in the town. The famous German physicist and engineer Hermann Oberth in space, the journey can be put forward for years, the Germans Haunebu of space vehicles in the name of their project, even if it is implemented.

The prisoner of the Germans, Austrian genius Viktor Schauberger, 1939, the Haunebu-1 of the flying saucers, enabling people to rise up from the ground. But in the following years, the change in the course of battle, and the enemy to stop the V-2 weapons, such as large need, Schauberger the work of the left in the background.

Traditional yet creative cuisine, “the Nazis when it comes to management of all resources missile technology transfer began,” he said. War is also the loss of water, known as the wizard of scientists work passed into the hands of the allies.120221-haunebu

The second World war, in the wake of the loss, the German scientists of the U.S. and Soviet space programs leading names they were. Charismatic Von Braun, NASAs become the driving force of the German space program, about the legend of the opportunity to live.

Traditional yet creative cuisine, “next to Von Braun and some of the important names, while under Nazi rule, in fact, the head lying in the space, the real issue is that a wrong impression of the spread… they were Many weapons openly backed projects, even some of them are very ambitious Nazis were. However, after the war, old ids are removed from their followers,” he said.

German scientists actually what he defends, among the allies, their “good and bad Nazis” as was to leave. Von Braun and his friends entering the first group, the commander of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, and his experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp known to the commander of the SS Josef Mengele, the second group was entering.

Traditional yet creative cuisine, “Von Braun is a space enthusiast was… his Space was the only thing that you care about. At the same time, a right-wing nationalist and sympathetic to the Nazis, which was a man. Briefly, to produce weapons for him was not a contradiction. Both the war and the discovery space that will serve the rockets could do,” he said.

The Germans, the first V-2 ballistic missile, 3 October 1942, Germany’s peenemu in the town of test. Walter Dornberger, at the beginning of the project is to, “Space travel in the transportation represent the first success of the new era,” as commented.

A ton of weight in the 14-metre-long giant V-2 rockets, 5 thousand 700 km speed could reach. Three years 2 724 thousand British lives of the V-2’s, the Nazis technological research for the purpose of clearly laid out.

V-2, in the end, the Germans do what they want. Traditional yet creative cuisine, “This is a Soviet rocket, the US , France and other allied indirectly benefits to the countries. Space bound journey is the cornerstone created,” he said.

After the second World War, V-2, in the development of weapons technology continued to be used. German engineers, the race between the US and the Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) played a role in the development. The world, at any moment could explode a nuclear missile’s had to live with the threat.

The Nazis win the war, in the 1940s of space exploration will be started, there are still proponents. However, traditional yet creative cuisine, human nature is always the dominant view: “I think the victory of the Germans, even despite long years of space exploration would have to wait… the War, aviation, or other area, whether it always is pioneering technological advances. Space travel cannot be avoided. Still life would have taken too long.”

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