The Navy’s UFO Patent: More Realistic Than Previously Thought

0:00 Intro 0:50 US patent “Craft using an inertial mass reduction device” 1:51 quantum vacuum fluctuations and Casimir force 2:50 Using lasers to break the vacuum 4:02 Craft using electromagnetism to interact with vacuum energy 5:31 Achieving macroscopic quantum coherence 7:56 What can a craft do with quantum coherence achieved? 8:31 Black triangle UFO reports and conclusion December 4th, 2018. The USPTO issues a mysterious patent to the Navy for a hybrid aerospace/undersea craft, capable of extreme speeds in water, air and space. It takes advantage of a quantum mechanics concept once thought impossible: manipulating microscopic fluctuations always present in the vacuum of empty space. In this video, we’ll show the patent isn’t as far-fetched as some say. Many of the theories needed for it to work have already been proven experimentally…they’ve just been misunderstood by journalists who don’t have a background in physics.

When the disinformation fails and adversaries have developed the same tech, it’s advisable in a free market to patent it in your own country before the adversaries set up shop there, use your laws to grant themselves a patent, and prevent them forcing you to pay them royalties for 20 years to use your own technology on your own soil.

It’s public knowledge that both China and NASA have been developing the technology for almost a decade now. China beat the US in testing it in space.

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Of course the US rushed to file a public patent. There’s a full on trade war in place with China, for some reason.

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