The Naga – Do Reptilian Type Beings Hold Secrets Of Mankind’s Origin ?

Dec 5, 2020

Within last few years the alien image underwent a significant change, from the ridiculed “little green men” of early fifties to well-known “grays” as benevolent “space brothers” in seventies. But recently a new alien type came into a spotlight: the “reptilians” (also called “reptoids,” “sauroids” etc.). If we look into ancient text like Vedas etc we’ll find reptilians-like creatures associated with the Nagas – semi-divine living beings who are half-human and half-reptilian. Nagas – Serpent Beings in different Cultures “The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means “serpent”. Further meanings from the Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Monier-Williams: m. “not moving,” a mountain (in Atharva Veda); the number 7 (because of the 7 principal mountains; any tree or plant (in Mahabharata); the sun.

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