The MARS Battle Tank – New Images

🧐 It seems to have a turret, cannon and chassis with possible wheels/tracks. It also has a commander’s hatch detail and possible hand rails on the turret in exactly the right configuration to be a battle tank. Is this just a coincidence? (NEW IMAGES at 25 mins) It looks similar in turret design to both the Russian T-34 or perhaps the American M-103 in shape from WW2. But this tank looking structure is quite small unlike most of ours on Earth and is only a few feet wide and perhaps five or six feet long in length according to the NASA guide for this Opportunity Rover image. (That may be a bit off) It all depends on how far away you think this is of course. What can I say but see for yourself. (See NASA image link below) I have also compared it to some of the tanks from WOT (World of Tanks) online game that I have been playing on and off for many years, as well as some great WWII images for shape/design comparison. As I said, this may be an optical illusion, but what would a natural rock formation be doing with a pipe shaped feature sticking out of it with what appear to be wheels?


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