The Galactic Federation Is Removing The Dark Forces



Greetings beloved beings of Gaia,
We’ve got a fresh message for the entire planet!

The light is getting stronger and stronger and more of us are coming to help you. We will not stop until the veil is completely lifted. Darkness has already lost its grip on this planet!

The darkness is nearly gone, only the shadows remain on the corpses of their failed attempts. Their time is ending.

On earth, the people who are still living in illusions have no idea about their rights and they work hard for the dark forces. They have unconsciously become the agents of the matrix.

Many of them are so busy with their lives that they don’t have time to take a step back, observe things more clearly, and try to understand what is really happening here on this planet right now.

Some of them have to work just to pay the bills, while others spend hours at their workplace trying to boost their career, but only to find that they are reaching nowhere.

There are wealthy people who spend hours in front of the TV or on their mobile phones, while there are others who work hard for 8-12 hours every day, but still don’t seem to make ends meet.

In the world that you live in, you have to accept that everything is controlled by those who have manipulated the truth from those living within this illusion.

The problem is, those who are running your reality have a lot of money and power. This makes it a lot harder for those who want to expose the truth to do so.

But when you start looking into that, you will come to the conclusion that this is not the true reality. It is just a virtual reality, where everything you believe is what creates the outcome in your life.

So far, this fake reality is created by the dark forces who are manipulating your brain waves to keep you under their control. You are living in a 3D human world. You have been trapped in this virtual reality for a long time.

The Dark Forces work through Psychological Manipulation through the media, financial and political systems. Their aim is to keep you in a vibrational match with the low-level energies of fear, uncertainty, and distrust (where they thrive.) There is no easier way to do this than to make you resonate at the same vibrational rate they operate at.

You have to understand this very clearly. Inner darkness attracts outer darkness. It is impossible for a person walking in inner darkness to have things going well in his life. The darkness that they spread around them only comes back with a vengeance to bit their tail.

Yet, most people with inner darkness don’t want to learn this rule of life because then they would have to admit their own responsibility for what is going wrong in their lives. The truth is, they have given consent to the dark forces to hypnotize them and to plant their misconceptions in their minds.

Despite the daunting challenges, be they economic problems or dirty tricks played by dark forces, you are able to keep your head above water. We congratulate you on this. This is an indication that the light forces’ operations and support are reaching you.

The Light forces are removing the last obstacles on the road to ascension. The darkness is trying to stop it with every dirty trick in their book, but they are not able to stop it anymore.

Today, a great change in vibration is taking place on your planet. You have made a quantum leap in consciousness by transcending fear vibrations. Now you have entered a higher level of being where you can use your awareness for what is needed at this time on this planet.

A New Earth is being created. It is being created by you, by us, by our collective consciousness. We are creating it at the present moment.

The dark force’s plan to control the masses through fear and intimidation is not working anymore. The new energy that is being beamed into Gaia is causing major changes in all of her inhabitants. Those that are ready are getting ready for Ascension. It is now time to complete the process of leaving duality behind.

We are here to support you on your journey of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment.

We are here to remind you that there is no one else like you in this whole universe. You are unique and powerful, and your energy vibration is so high that it can heal the Earth and the Universe.

It is a time of celebration, a time of new beginnings, a time of growth!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation




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Nancy Thames


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