The Galactic Family: The Preparing For A New Reality

Whether we are aware of it, or not, we are ALL preparing for a new reality. Now this new reality that we are unconsciously, or consciously, preparing for has actually ALWAYS been there, but our third dimensional bodies were, and mostly, still are, to primitive to be able to perceive beyond the limitations of their third dimensional physical form.
However, more and more, of humanity is beginning to remember the fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of their true Galactic SELF. Yes, more and more humans are beginning to remember their own Higher Dimensional “Galactic Self.”
Why are these people not telling every one they see this wonderful information? The answer to that question is that most humans would not believe them and would likely laugh at or be chastised for their “memory” of their own Higher Dimensional SELF.
Of course, for most of humanity, their Higher Dimensional SELF is NOT seen via their third dimensional vision, or heard via their third dimensional hearing, and usually totally unknown by their third dimensional self.
Most humans are so busy just “getting by,” that they are unconscious of their innate, Higher Dimensional SELF! YES, all humans have a Higher Dimensional SELF, but most humans do NOT know that they have their own Higher Dimensional SELF who exists in the higher frequencies of realty.
Worse yet, our Higher Dimensional SELF is often forgotten because we are too busy trying to keep up with our third dimensional self. Why would one’s lower frequency of self, who is their third dimensional self, have more power than their innate fifth dimensional self?
The answer is simple!
While humans exist in the third dimension, and some times in the fourth dimension, they are too busy just “getting by” to remember that 80% of their brain power that they have forgotten to use.
Now why would humans ignore 80% of their brain and put all their attention on only 10% of their brain? The answer is because they have forgotten! They have forgotten their reality in the higher dimensions of the fourth, fifth and beyond.
Why would this occur, one may ask. The answer is because they forgot! When the higher dimensional galactics took a third dimensional physical body so that they could come to Gala’s Earth in order to assist Gail with her ascension process, they got lost in the constant call of the third dimension that had taken the first Galactics off their mission.
Will these “lost Galactics” ever remember who they really are?
Will you?
Will you be able to remember your Higher SELF
and retrieve that SELF so that it can assist you to remember your
Will YOU choose to make that choice?
We, your Galactic Family believe that you WILL!
Channel: Suzanne Lie

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