The Extraterrestrial Art Form with Mike Murburg

Norman Michael “Mike” Murburg, Jr. is a lifetime UFO “Experiencer” and “Contactee”. He is a student and practitioner of Tao and teaches and integrates it into his conduct of his HICE (Human Initiated Close Encounter/Contact Experiences) contact group instruction at his Darby ranch in West Central Florida. In the recent past Mike has been a contributing a member of the Foundation for the Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiencers (FREE) and a co- author and editor of Chapter 10 of Volume 1 (Spirituality and the Contact Experience) of their book Beyond UFOs where his contact history through 2015 is set forth.

Also, for the past 4 years Mike has been doing a weekly radio show and podcast with his good friend Lou Angelwolf on IMHO.LOVE, where they have interviewed a host of guests who are intimately involved with CE-5 and related fields of remote viewing and consciousness and other topics relating to spiritual evolution and the state of the world’s affairs. Mike can be contacted at, through his Meetup group the “Tampa CE-5 Human Initiated Close Encounters and Contact Experiences”, or through his Darby Ranch Facebook site where he and guests post articles of interest to the group and his monthly group and member contact results.

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  1. mike call or email me when you have time to meet and talk. to refresh your memory.i stopped at your home about a month ago on a sunday and had a conversation with you and your friend about ce-5 and other things.i have practiced some meditation and read your ce-5 beginner guide. jim butz 813/ 785-0481 ps sundays work good for me.


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