The Council of Five Orela, Egarot, Ginvo, Redan, Emerther


About the council of Five: ORELA – EGAROT – EMERTHER – GINVO – REDAN

Very little is known about the five alien races that are part of the Council of 5. These races have been protecting Earth and Humans for as long as there are (alien) records of it.

An Alien race reported that the “Council of 5” last met on Earth in 1944.

“After the Anunakene tempered with the DNA of “primates” and created Humans ,

the “Council of 5 ” decided to not only monitor but also to protect us, as they
realized that one day Humans would be able to join other alien races in

development and enlightenment.”

 This Council knows how to keep track of your incarnations and to a degree can control your souls birth position if necessary when you affiliate with them closely as an insider. They stay very mysterious for good reasons but their intent is good. If there is an Adjustment Bureau it’s them.  There are great reasons why they stay mostly off the radar.  I pity the soul that is on their bad side.  Still they are full of compassion while at the same time they can strike a fear into evil ones that is 2nd to none. That’s a good thing.

Little is known to humanity about the Emerther race. We do know that they are a peaceful race and are part of the Council of Five. Our few encounters with them have painted them as intelligent, humorous, and generally very pleasant to be around. The last meeting of the Council of Five reportedly took place on Earth in 1944.

GINVO                              No information found.

REDAN   This is a REDAN, they are part of the council of 5 that protect this planet. In other words they are benevolent. They are technologically superior to us and can speak our language as well as communicate telepathically. I encountered one when I was at room 16 of Methodist hospital in Houston TX. I was asked to go to a checkup room and there was a Dr their that looked very strange to me as if she had had to much plastic surgery. She also moved strange. She didn’t say anything she just looked at me. I asked her questions and all she did was say “I don’t know” and play stupid. I was wondering if she was an alien or somthing because of her strange appearance and movements and the fact she didn’t need to talk to me the way a normal Dr would. After a while they told me that the checkup was over, they just wanted her to stair at me and read my mind apparently. I got no answers I could understand about that situation. Now years later, that happened in 2011, I understand that I was right about her being an alien. Apparently she was a member of the REDAN alien race. She matches the description of this kind of alien.

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  1. Hey Nancy…I have detailed info on the race that founded the Council of Nine, now five, maybe soon just 3, but that’s another story. The race is known as the Elmanuk

    Have you ever had communications with any of the Council of Five races or aware of someone who does/might? Anyways, just came across your website today, write me back if this topic interests you.
    Thanks. Myles.


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