The Blue Avians: 5 Traits of these Ancient Beings (Plus Signs You Could Be An Avian Starseed)

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May 27, 2019

The ‘Galactic Federation Of Light’ comprises of so many weird and wonderful ancient beings of light, all of whom are currently holding a shared purpose and vision for the Earth as she reincarnates into the 5th dimension. Some of these beings resemble humans a lot more closely like the Pleiadian civilization, but it can become extremely challenging to accept the appearance of some of the other humanoid members of this universal team. Who Are The Blue Avians? The Blue Avians are the highest Avian race. These 8 ft beings are humanoid with birdlike features, with deep blue feathers. They are higher dimensional beings, existing between the 6th to 9th dimensions, leaving the human race well behind in the 3rd to the 5th-dimensional group. They act as a single, intelligent entity and are messengers and facilitators of the one infinite creator. About Hayden Crawford Hayden is a Wellness Intuitive, Psychic Numerologist and Owner of the Dreemtime Academy. As a Soul Purpose Expert, he has been assisting wise women to uplift their emotions since 2001 and he created the Dreemtime Academy in 2015 to introduce accessible, holistic courses, tools and products to empower them to heal themselves. He’s a little bit like a guide leading you through a vast maze, where around every corner there is a potential barrier preventing you from getting to your desired destination. Instead of turning around to avoid the blockage and trying to discover another exit route, he enables you to obliterate those walls so that you can get to the same point in less time and with greater ease.

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