On one evening in March of 1995, without warning, Disney aired a family special. it turned out to be a documentary so controversial that it was pulled from the airwaves and banned from ever being shown again. This is the thrilling story of Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland! The Banned Disney Documentary on UFOs and Alien Abductions!

This may have been the case of the “Disney Imagineers” of doing their jobs too well. I can hear the creative brief now. “Tear it from today’s headlines! Make it real! Make it scary! Make it really socko so we can blow the rubes otta’ their seats!”

Ultimately, the Imagineers inadvertently wound up recreating the famous 1938 Orson Wells radio play broadcast of the H.G.Wells novel, “War of the Worlds.” This show, although it was announced several times during the broadcast that it was fiction, lead to a country wide Martian invasion panic.*

But this time around, the Disney TV special insinuated that full disclosure by the government was coming soon and that Aliens from other planets are indeed real. Not only are they real, but they are going to abduct and subject you to extreme physical and psychological trauma. Especially the Reptilians and the Mantis people. Except for the nice Aliens that is. They’re the ones that will take you for rides to other planets.

Fostering this sensationalized thesis, was the filmmaker’s excellent interviews with the many luminaries from Ufology, Capt. Kevin Randall and Bob Hopkins to name a few. Then add the terrifying testimony of actual abductees and UFO photos and film footage to visually drive the message home. This all lead to the viewers being taken on a “jump-to-conclusion panic ride.” This was certainly not what the Imagineers would have imagined would happen.

Never fails they just don’t want us to know to much or start asking a lot of questions. Well we have the time now to research and ask questions, due to the Global Corona Virus Pandemic . So use your time wisely.

BREAKING: Walt Disney World Will Be Closed Through At Least April 9th With New Orange County Stay-At-Home Mandate Issued due to Global Corona Virus Pandemic.

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Walt Disney World Resort Phased Reopening and Important Information

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• Additionally, Disney Vacation Club properties at Walt Disney World and Disney’s Wilderness Resort & Campground are open to Members and Guests. Disney Springs has already begun to reopen. Upon reopening, theme parks, Disney Resort Hotels, restaurants and other offerings may be modified, limited in capacity and subject to availability or closure.

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