The Ancient Ascension Prophecies

The prophecies of many ancient cultures have spoken of these times. Underneath the public chaos, the uncertainty, the fear, and the dissolution of the old, there is something deep brewing. These are unprecedented times, exciting times to be alive. Though the waters on the surface may be choppy, below there is an undercurrent of deep calm. Something galactic, something cosmic, is underfoot.
The Hopi people spoke of the Purification Times, the Cherokee called it the Rainbow Prophecy, and the sacred texts of the Hindu culture, the Vedas, called it the Great Year and the Cycle of Ascension. A thousand years ago, the ancient Mayans predicted an ending of an era; that on winter solstice 2012, the sun, the earth, and the center of the Milky Way would be perfectly aligned for the first time in 26,000 years, ending the “fifth era of the sun.”
Their prediction about the sun’s position was right, but the modern interpretation, that it signaled the “End of the World”, was perhaps not what the Mayan prophecy meant. It is indeed the End of an Old World, but on a deeper level, it’s the rebirth of a new.
From a human perspective, it can surely all seem apocalyptic; a pandemic, climate change, economic collapse. However, from spiritual eyes, from the eyes of the soul, it all looks much different.
We’ve all heard of the end times and the end of the world as we know it, maybe even an apocalypse. But many ancient prophecies, as well as current intuition within many hearts, point to the truth that humanity will ascend into a greater state of consciousness. We are undergoing a planetary dark night of the soul, experiencing the deepest darkness before we wake up to a Golden Dawn.
The question has been will humanity choose love, or fear?
I believe we’ve already chosen. We chose love.
There is a Sioux proverb: “They have gone into the earth, and nothing will coax them out but the people dancing”, and a Hopi prophecy “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”
The time is now for us to rise, and rising we are. This shift is happening now; so many people are waking up to who they are. Consciousness is expanding into the knowing that we are all individual sparks of divinity, that our hearts are the most powerful transducers of energy in the known universe, and that the human ability of love is what makes heaven on Earth.
As Dr. Stephanie Red Feather explains in her article The Great Year and the Cycle of Ascension: ‘Over 30 ancient cultures have recorded the rise and fall of human civilization in a vast cycle of time taking approximately 24,000 years (some sources say 26,000 years) to make one completion. In this grand cycle, humanity is raising in consciousness for 12,000 years and descending in consciousness during the other 12,000. This sequence of time has been called the Great Year, a term coined by Plato.
The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, as with many indigenous traditions, speaks to the part of us that is remembering (re-Membering) who we are. During the Iron Age, human forgot she is a spiritual being and focused on a material existence. The practice of the mesa helps us to come back into the right relationship with all that is and to once again acknowledge and interact with the subtler realms of energy and consciousness. As humankind matures into the Bronze Age, we realize that dominance is not the only strategy. There is a way to live in sacred relationship with the Earth and all of its sentient inhabitants. This harmonious “beauty walk” helps us to practice a life where we recognize the Earth as an abundant resource, a willing partner. As carriers of this shamanic medicine, we are collectively contributing to the ascension of human kind. Going “back to the Earth” is actually the way forward.”
Noam Chomsky spoke of the hope for the future residing in a return to indigenous wisdom, towards a wisdom that knows how to live in harmony with mother earth. This wisdom abounds on Earth; right under our noses.
One example of this indigenous wisdom can be found in Ancient Ireland. During ancient days on the Emerald Island, there existed the concept of a kingship right. The ruler would enter into a ceremonial marriage with the goddess of the land, and only then would she ensure fertility and abundance for the people. Only if he respected the goddess of sovereignty, represented as the land itself, was he considered fit to rule. It was the goddess that gave him his kingship right. Woman’s body was the land, and feminine rights and environmental rights were tied up philosophically into one.
A similar thread is found in the constitution of the original Iroquois Confederacy: women chose the leaders. It was the masculine that led in the outer world, but it was the feminine that had the wisdom to confer that leadership, based on a wisdom that came from the heart.
The end is really a rebirth, and the rebirth is really a remembering. Mother Earth is birthing a new paradigm through the divine feminine principles of unity, interconnectedness, and love.
The second coming of Christ could be perceived as the coming of the Christ consciousness in all of us, which includes the divine feminine Christ consciousness. The forgotten feminine aspect of deity within each of our hearts; the Sophia-Christos template of consciousness, where the masculine and feminine are united as one.
This will happen when we let the mother goddess, the feminine principle of deity, into our conscious awareness, allowing her to bloom open in our hearts. She is birthing the new paradigm through the transformative womb of the divine feminine. This is why it’s so revolutionary, why the birthing pains are so disorienting; because human civilization has forgotten her.
She’s been in shadows, behind the Veil, for so long, we almost forgot who she was, and what she could do. But civilizations up until 6,000 BC. saw deity primarily as feminine, the male principle a later model that eventually extinguished the Divine Feminine.
Until then, ancient cultures saw nature in all of its fierce majesty as female and women as her embodiments. Our ancestors knew the connection between themselves and the earth’s cycles of abundance. Ancient communities honored the feminine divine and revered women as incarnations of the feminine aspect of God, the all-encompassing Great Mother.
Domination, conquest, and control over Mother Earth and the feminine are illusions born of fear. We are one with Earth. In the new era, unity consciousness will prevail, and humility and respect in the face of Mother Earth will return. This virus is nothing if not humbling.
Part of this golden age dawning means that a lot of us will come out of the closet so to speak, and without fearing that we will be persecuted for energy and spiritual healing, we can speak our truths, because the new world will need our healing gifts, to ring in the new age.
The lightworkers, the shamans, the ancient souls; the ones who remember, who are in contact with spirit guides, animals, and galactic beings, are raising into cosmic consciousness, one sacred heart at a time. In listening to the animals, to the wisdom of the trees, the plants, the elementals, healing and expansion can happen. We are all capable of the magic of co-creation.
To co-create with the world, give it our blessing and receive blessings in return raises our vibration. The human heart torus field can spread out for miles if you send out love and blessings, which affects the earth’s bioenergetic field. Love, peace, joy and freedom can be everyones reality. We create our reality; we are the dreamers of this dream.
Human consciousness when purified acts in very similar ways. Amrita, called elixir of gods, the philosopher’s stone, is available to us all. We are all alchemists, with powerful hearts, and the ability to turn the leaden weight of our past into a Golden Dawn.
John Black writes in his article The Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy: “The Rainbow prophecy, as it has come to be known, refers to the keepers of the legends, rituals, and other myths that will be needed when the time comes to restore the health on Earth. It is believed that these legendary beings will return on a day of awakening when all people will unite and create a new world of justice, peace, and freedom, and they will be named the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’. They will reteach the values and the knowledge that has been lost in time, demonstrating how to have wisdom and extra-perception, and how unity, harmony, and love is the only way forward”.
The New Human can and will heal and restore Earth to her rightful splendor. The rise in consciousness means deep participation in the harmony of all things. We will clean the water, the air, the animals will be proud and grateful to share a home with us. We will see a million projects pop up from the creative genius borne of love, a million trees planted, a million hearts on fire with gratitude.
We will remember we have both god and goddess within our hearts, we will remember we are sovereign and free, and our Earth is the galaxy’s green jewel. All the world’s tribes shall come together as one Earth Tribe. To protect her, to love her.
It might take some time, and at first it might look like destruction, because we have come to a time of darkness, undoubtedly. But there is a metaphysical truth that has been forgotten: there is always destruction, annihilation, before a great rebirth. Everything is energetic and has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. This is the time to accept uncertainty, to surrender to the flow, to bring forth the qualities of the divine feminine that are actually qualities of great resilience. The Goddess is ultimately a warrior spirit, not of war, but of surviving the life, death, and rebirth of cosmic cycles while remaining connected to that which is eternal; the love of creation.
The divine feminine consciousness is on the rise, driven by cosmic forces far greater than politics or the known past. The rise of her values will change everything.
We will know that our little soul song is one rich note in a vast cosmic orchestra, and that it stands alone in its beauty, but that it also contributes to the harmony of the whole; the music of the spheres. Almost like an orchestra tuning up before a concert. At first, it is a dissonant din of different voices, but as they tune themselves with each other, in the last moments before the curtain opens, the instruments resonate together spectacularly.
Suddenly, there’ll be no off-key notes being played. No killing, no discord, no separation. Love, freedom, and joy will be everyone’s experience of reality in this Golden Age, human and non-human alike. A great harmony will engulf us all.
It will be more beautiful than anyone can imagine. If we stay calm within the storm and stay in our powerful sacred hearts, then once the dust settles we will wake up to a new era, and that which truly matters will be all that remains: Love.
Jennifer Tarnacki
Artist Anna Harpley

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  1. Approximately 3 yrs ago. I had a dream . A dream where God was speaking to me. God told me to start keeping a journal. To keep track of everything that was going on in my life. It was so real more real than my actual life it’s hard for me to put into words how powerful this dream was. I’m no bible thumper by any means . In fact I’ve always felt uncomfortable when I’ve went to church. Organized religion in general has always rubbed me the wrong way. Once I had women I began telling my wife about it . I was pretty shook up. We lived in Denver at the time. We had an early morning appointment downtown. We took the bus . Once down town we were walking along when I almost tripped over something in the middle of the sidewalk. I looked down and then at my wife we both took a step back she asked me” is that” ? I said ” yes I think so” in the middle of the sidewalk layed a journal it said journal on it . There was a nice pen with it and there wasn’t a word written in it. Honestly it scared the crap out of me. So what do when that happens? I don’t know about anyone else but I started writing. I used to write when I was young I won a short story contest when I was in college and I’ve had some poems published. I always thought that I would be a writer when I grew up but life came and had plans of its own lol. Yet now my writing is better than ever . This journal has taken me to places I wouldn’t have thought possible. It has helped me to set down burdens I’ve carried all of my life. That dream was also my first psychic experience. But since then I’ve become aware of many psychic gifts not flukes either I saved my wife’s life with a vision my intuition is so powerful now also my creativity is off the chain . I’m in my 50’s and I’ve never been able to draw anything. In fact it’s why I wrote. Now I can draw anything I can Invision . I’m not saying I’m Picasso but I’ve discovered a passion for drawing I did not know I had. I’ve sold several of my drawings. I had quit playing guitar over ten years earlier because I could never get to where I wanted to with it . Now suddenly I can play better than I’ve ever even dreamed. I can sit there and just play music I’ve never heard anywhere else . I can play all day like that. It’s incredible these things are the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I’ve also been writing things about ascending previously I knew what ascending the stairs meant but I’d never thought of it spiritually. Now my wife says I would have to have a PhD to understand what I’ve been writing. I’ve also designed a entire line if solar powered generators from things off the shelf that work. I’m no engineer and have no training in this area. At times I’m overwhelmed and feel like who do I think I am? I only wish to help and not squander these incredible gifts. Any advice would be appreciated. Has anyone else had anything similar?


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