The Alien Agenda, Hybridization & Lifelong ET Contact Encounters | Sev Tok

This episode is part of our ET Contact Experiencers Speak series. Sev Tok, an experiencer, recalls having alien abduction encounters since the age of 10. But it wasn’t until many years later when she discovered a series of red dots in the shape of an X that appeared on her body that she decided it was time to confess her lifelong ET contact encounters and go deeper into what had been going on. She says her contact with a variety of Gray beings began in childhood and continued sporadically throughout her life, most recently showing up in her room while away visiting (of all places) Roswell, New Mexico while accompanying her then boyfriend on a business trip. It was then that she learned about a high level hybridization program between both human and ET beings that had been going on for the purposes of “seeding the planet.” In this episode we also discuss her recollections of being on board craft while “on the moon,” her accelerated psychic ability AFTER having contact experiences (ability to see auras, communication with the after life, automatic writing, etc.), intergenerational contact within her own family and curious military ties.




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