The 1967 Cussac Alien Incident: Was This Alien Encounter The Real Deal?

Nov 7, 2020
When it comes to credible UFO sightings, one of the last things you would believe to ever be taken seriously would be from the mouths of two children. After all, the imagination of kids tends to run rampant with speculation and tend to favor the more dramatic in terms of believability. This appeared to be the case in 1967 when a brother and sister aged 13 and 9 respectively, told local authorities that they encountered 4 alien type beings in a field in Cussac, France near their village. Describing them as small, all-black figures less than 4 feet tall. At first, many of the residents in the village, including the police laughed off this as nothing more than bored children playing games with them, but at the persistence that they go with the children to the area of where the aliens were spotted. When the police arrived there, to their shock they found that the location produced a very strong sulfur smell and the ground had been disturbed where a large portion of the grass was dead. What would follow would go on to be known as the case of the four little devils and would shake the UFO community for decades to come. This is the story of the Cussac Incident.


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