Telepathic Discussion With “Elatt” Ethrurian Extraterrestrial On Interface Technologies, Sentient AI, Telepathy

I recently was asked telepathically to get in touch with a member of the Ethrurian (eh-turr) ET folks, whom I briefly met at first, but met up with later to have more discussion. All discussion was conducted telepathically.

Here is our discussion below. (JH = John Helios, Elatt = Ethrurian citizen)

Thanks & Introduction


Thank you so much for meeting me. What personal name shall I call you?

Elatt: Originally emotions such as gratitude were not as important to us when we first came here to Earth. But over time we have learned about gratitude and now we know about its importance. So, we accept your gratitude. Names don’t matter so much to us in the same way as it does for you, but if you wish, why don’t we call me “Elatt”? It has a nice sharp sound that I like.

Conference Call” – Collective Telepathic Communication


“Also, I want to make it clear it’s not just me that you’re talking to. It’s many of us. While you are talking to me as an individual, all of the others who choose to listen are also tuning in to our conversation. They chime in collectively into my mentality and together we have a response to what you say. This is kind of a group form of “conference call” – a collective telepathy ability that many extraterrestrials have.

“I now feel your nervous thought about a “hive mentality” about this form of collective communication. One of the things that Earth-surface humans have been trained to fear in your mass media is the idea of a hive mentality. Take for example your training to fear the hive mentality of the Borg in the Star Trek science fiction series. While there is a negative aspect to this concept, also know that there is an equally positive aspect, which is what my culture harnesses, as well as many of the other cultures that we cooperate with here.

“As an interesting aside: The dark forces knew there would come a time when humans with suppressed telepathic abilities would be awakened. In due form, they used the Star Trek Borg hive mentality concept as a way to make people automatically become afraid of telepathy.

“Well, now’s the time to be rid of this fear and to start exploring.

High-Tech Work Space

Elatt then showed me telepathically where we were meeting. It was a dimly-lit command center. The light was low in accommodation to the Ethrurians’ sensitive eyes. We were in a round room approximately 20 meters across. The consoles were simple, with few or no apparent buttons. Instead there was kind of an sensor that was round in shape (like a loop) that overhung the place where the operator stood.

Elatt explained that the work interface is actually a “loophole” in two ways. It literally was a loophole in the sense that the sensor was round: designed to pick up energy from the console operator. Assuming a loophole is an exception to a set way of doing things, in a more figurative sense the sensor was a loophole in the sense that it creates an “exception” into the operator’s normal train of thought, which then allows them two have a mental-to-digital interface with the technology systems to which they are attached. This is a technology for interfacing with machines and computing systems designed for higher consciousness levels.


“Actually, anyone can do this kind of work because the medium used here is the Quantum interconnection – what you know as telepathy. Except in your case this can be called a human-to-machine telepathic interface. If we were to include my people and other ETs, then it’s called a ‘user-to-machine’ interface.”

“The reason why we need this interface here is because it connects to a kind of mainframe that requires all data going into it to be configured in a unified and agreed-upon universal code format. It’s very similar to the XML code that Earth humans use in some of their computing and communication systems – for example the Microsoft DOCX format is a example of a human unified coding system.

“Anyway, just imagine if we all did this in our own native race format! It would look like gibberish!

The Ethrurians’ Purpose

“Anyway this device is like a translator that unifies the input information. Then data then gets stored into a staging database, and we Ethrurians sort, interpret, store and forward this information onto other people who require it. This kind of work is our main purpose in the Gaia Liberation Project.

“While information comes to us from many sources, some comes to us from the Alorians. A lesser-known ET group are Aalof, whom you have also met. The Aalof are true specialists. They take joy in gathering information ‘in the field’. For this work, they are sometimes known as “The Couriers”.

Different Kinds of “Humans”


“So you interface with the machine via telepathy? Tell me more about telepathy.”


“Yes, in the Earth’s surface-human history…”

I interrupted him.


“Why do you say it that way: “Earth-surface human history?”


“It’s because I need to make the distinction that most humans who will read these words later. They need to expand from what they think of humans as a whole.

“Most humans who will read these words think of humans as people who live only on the surface crust of the earth. While this is true, many Earth-surface humans do not understand that there are also many other groups of humans elsewhere – such as below the Earth’s crust surface and those living off-planet. Their lives and abilities are very different from yours as an Earth-surface human.

“Some humans have been below to places like Agartha, and the soon-to-be disclosed long-inhabited ice caverns of Antarctica. But there are also many humans who live off planet – as you have discovered in your healing sessions for the Earth over these last several years. While there are humans from your past who evolved and chose to leave the planet long ago (such as the Breakaway Mayan civilization), there are many who live as slaves in off-world colonies. Some of these humans were abducted from Earth. Many of them were born in these off-world locations and have never seen Earth, let alone even heard of it. Unfortunately many of these people who live as slaves have no concept of freedom.

“Anyway, we have digressed. Originally you asked me to tell you more about telepathy.

Telepathy is the Language


“I cannot say how important telepathy is to the Earth people right now. Let me put this into context.

“In ancient times when the Earth was a paradise – along with her beautiful sister Planet Marduk (a different story altogether) – people had no language. When I say “people” I mean people in the broad sense of the word. Back then, all of the living beings – the humans, the plants, the animals, the etherics and angels – everyone all shared the common language of telepathy. There was no need for a verbally spoken language as we surface humans use it now.

“In the separation process of Duality that was created by the dark entities, language and the associated “language barriers” that arose from the language arose as a part of the overall separation scheme. This separation was meant to divide humans from all other life-forms – plants, animals, angels and etherics, and indeed it was meant to divide humans from other humans. Thus, you’ve had wars, deceit, lies and such.”

Commands Through Thoughts & Sounds


“Yes, long ago humans had throats and voices as they do now. But the voice was used for things other than what it is used now. Back then the voice was used as a kind of technology. It was used to make things “become so”. What I mean by this is that the voice and its power can be likened to what you in more modern times call “casting a spell” – whereby certain words are spoken, and things become manifest as a result of those intent-filled spoken words.

“To demonstrate spoken word-sounds or thoughts, and the intent that powered them, I can think of actually several examples in your modern media.”


I interrupted Elatt.

“In Star Trek, when Picard says “Make it so.’ Also in modern speech recognition technology.”


“Exactly, that’s sound in the form of voice commands.

“And another such modern example with sound used as a means of intent appeared in the movie Prometheus, when the ‘engineer’ used a flute to activate certain controls on his spacecraft. It seems odd that he had to use an external instrument like a flute to do this. He could have just as easily used his own voice to produce certain command tones.

“As the other example, some years ago on Earth there was a little-known movie called Firefox about a jet fighter pilot played by Clint Eastwood.

“In this movie, the pilot was able to mentally interface with the control system of his aircraft. This is an example of an intent- or thought-driven interface system – a kind of technology that approaches telepathy. Of course, that movie was used as kind of a soft disclosure of this kind of existing technology, which had existed among the secret human cabal military for decades before the movie came out.

Spacecraft and AI as Sentient Life Forms


“Yet another example: The movie series Andromeda portrays a story of a captain who has a relationship with his living AI-driven space warship, whom he affectionately called Rommie. The show reveals some scenarios that actually do exist in this universe-realm. It portrays the warship’s consciousness with a human-body interface, an actual artificially created human body that inhabits the consciousness of the warship Andromeda AI. In this show, the AI is a sentient being: alive and conscious. And this indeed is possible. Among the Earth surface human truth-seekers there has been disclosure of captured spacecraft whose skin can actually self-heal from crash or battle damage because the spacecraft is actually alive. Enough of this here.

“A related word in the current mainstream human-machine interface context is “wetware” – but you can do your own research on what this word means in the human technology realm.

“In any case, the ultimate in efficiency and clarity is the universal language of the quantum interconnection: telepathy.

The Importance of Telepathy on Earth / Gaia


“Again, I cannot say how important telepathy is in human history now.

“In a society where for ages you have been raised on heavy dualities, the notion of separation and limitation has become a part of your belief system.

“But that’s what it is: a system.

“Like any other system, the system of separation and limitation can be changed. Earth-surface people are starting to see more and more the connectivity in everything. Sometimes by accident, and more through conscious choice, people are learning to connect in ways that have been asleep within them for ages. Peoples’ sense of separation and limitation is expanding. And the way to get fast easy access to information is through telepathy.

“People, animals, plants, and other creatures can communication through telepathy. It’s the singular level playing field where everyone is equal. Yet there is variety within this huge field that is unlimited.


“What do you mean the variety of the field is unlimited?”


“I mean that while telepathy is the common field for inter-species quantum communication, the ways by which telepathy can be used is unlimited. For example, a certain animal may communicate using only pictures. Others beings such as we here (in human-ET interaction) use words, thoughts, feelings, and pictures. Other species use… Get what I mean?”



Later Talk on Telepathy


“I am still a relative newcomer to telepathy. I got my start by hearing the names of ET races spoken to me when I woke up from sleep. From there it’s been a slow journey to where we are here, conversing together. But I must say this isn’t like a regular conversation.

“Can you tell us Earth-surface humans how to get started on telepathic communication?”


“Yes, I can tell you some ways. But you should make this a separate article.”


“Okay. I’ll do that.”

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