Technology is collected from extraterrestrials held in captivity, claims a former Area 51 engineer


The engineer said that a deal between the US and the UN had allowed the existence of aliens to remain a secret.

Aliens do indeed exist on earth, according to conspiracy theorists. These conspiracy theorists contend that the American administration is aware of the existence of alien life and is concealing this information out of concern for public outcry.

An ex-engineer who claims to have worked at Area 51 has added fuel to this seemingly absurd hypothesis by asserting that the US holds aliens imprisoned.

Engineer Bill Uhouse asserts that the US government is attempting to obtain alien technology from Area 51 using extraterrestrials.

According to Uhouse we’re dealing with an extraterrestrial race when it comes to technology.

Additionally, he stated that a US-UN agreement has allowed for the concealment of the existence of foreigners.

The engineer explained that EBEs were used to identify any aliens that were there (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). He mentioned that three different classifications were made to keep an eye on the aliens, with The Greys being ranked as little, medium, and tall. the head of Israeli space security on aliens

A few months ago, Haim Eshed, a former head of space security for Israel, asserted that extraterrestrial life exists on earth. Eshed claims that major nations including the USA and Israel are collaborating with extraterrestrials.

He also said that humans and extraterrestrials collaborate in a covert subterranean outpost on Mars.


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1 thought on “Technology is collected from extraterrestrials held in captivity, claims a former Area 51 engineer”

  1. Hello! By what is said in this post I would ascertain that the military our military is more dangerous in regards with dealing with ET’s than the ET’s themselves.They made alliances that in essence with ET’s aren’t the sort of aliens we want to deal with on the public level.For example allowing us to keep our nuclear weapons and to do with them as we see fit not to mention not interfering in our monetary system which to me is still slavery of humanity.I would rather do deals with ET’s that want us to destroy our nuclear weapons and weapons of violence altogether also to share free energy and destroy the monetary system as well as our need to work in order to live.To care for the planet and make unconditional love our way of life instead of the current system which makes the acquisition of wealth the driving force in our lives.I remember reading a story by a ET contact named Valient Thor that proposed the exact samething to Eisenhower and Nixon which was rejected that would in essence destroy our way of life and restructure it so that the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives.Obviously we’ve done secret deals with ET’s that were the wrong ones and that were not ready to admit that to the public and if I may imprisoning the ones that are good or not willing to give us technology on certain conditions is a crime not only to hold these beings against there will and interrogate them in order for them to tell us what we want to hear in exchange for freedom is a crime too.I don’t trust MJ-12 or the military or intelligence community with full knowledge of these events.They must be toppled from power and the evil ET’s we made deals with must be banished from the Earth.That is all I will say on this matter for right now there maybe further commentary in the near future but for now what I’ve said already will be enough take care!


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