Starseed Contract Explained – Why are Starseeds Here? What is a Starseeds purpose? Guide to the Path

Mar 16, 2020

What is a starseed?

A starseed is an advanced soul who has evolved spiritually through the densities of consciousness and reached a point of graduation to the next higher density of consciousness. These souls evolved in a planetary civilization elsewhere in this galaxy such as Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, and others

The Invitation
* Before advancing to the next consciousness density, you are offered different ways to give back to life that would measure up against all you have so far received. One of these ways is by becoming a starseed
* If accepted, your consciousness lowers to the vibratory frequency of the civilization you will visit.
* The main goal now, is for you to HEAL YOURSELF to the previous state of awareness. Because all are One, the healing you do for yourself is also done for others. You create healing paths that others can walk
* Secondary goal is to share with others, help others, serve others, teach others, or heal others. Essentially if you come across ways to be of service to humanity, you will get involved and do your part
* You went through training and the commenced your great service, incarnating as a starseed

The Shattering
* The most difficult part of the contract
* The shattering serves to “shatter” the star seeds belief in their own divinity and the divinity of all others. To cease to see yourself as part of the eternal oneness.
* This is accomplished by having experiences of being a victim and a perpetrator. In the victim experience they will have a deeply traumatic experience at the hands of their fellow humans. In the perpetrator experience they will be the ones responsible for abusing and being cruel to others.
* This establishes that the starseed feels they cannot trust others and also feels that they themselves are wicked and unworthy of love

The Repair
* Eventually, the stars will feel a calling to remember. They will begin to remember their mission, remember the teachings of their people, and remember the oneness of all
* Self-Love is at the basis of the repair. The starseed must reestablish their heart connection
* This is a simple phase in complexity, but by no stretch is it easy. The starseed is still in a state of confusion and duality

The Gift Giving
* Healing yourself will heal others. When you heal yourself you build a pathway in consciousness that becomes easier for others to follow
* Starseeds generally have other gifts or talents that they will share with the world
* When healed the starseed will be offered to return, but may stay to continue giving gifts if they feel they must

The Return
* At the end of the contract and successfully returning, you will be given many options as to what you do next
* You may join the ranks of Ascended Masters, or perhaps a returning master to teach and advise the next generation of prospective starseed candidates
* May take a sabbatical and go exploring the galaxy

The Dissolution
* Opportunities exist for star seeds to end their mission early
* Exit Events occur where the starseed will stand before their guides and masters, reminded of the mission and importance, and then asked to confirm if you want to continue.
* If you choose to continue, you are sent back and forget about the discussion
* If you choose to stop, you are sent back. If you stop, your incarnation will cease and to those in your life it will appear as though you died. No exit event is ever planned as a suicide, it causes too much trauma to those left behind.



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