Star Trek Beyond The Fiction | Secret Technology & Hidden Messages..

Stories that last, last because they are telling us truths about ourselves. And I believe that is the reason that Star Trek is as vivid and alive today as when it first hit our screens more than half a century ago in 1966.And the specific truths it tells are to do with our origins as a species, our challenges in this life, and our potential as a sentient, conscious species. (Reuploaded from 1st May – fixed sound issue) Our world mythologies and our ancestral narratives point to an ET origin to life on Earth, an ET intervention in our ancestors’ evolution a covert ET presence surrounding planet Earth. They talk about a struggle with non-material forces, archonic energies, with which we have to contend in order to achieve a happy, harmonious life in this world and in the cosmos. Those stories surface time and time again in the Star Trek canon. When Gene Roddenberry brought Star Trek to life in 1966 few could have guessed at its resonance and longevity. 10 television series. 3 movie franchises. 13 Movies. Along with his creative team, Roddenberry created a world in which our ancestors could re-tell their stories. In the Star Trek universe, the story of The United Federation of Planets begins when a spaceship of humanoid extra-terrestrials in the sector detects the signature of a warp engine being deployed above planet Earth. The warp signature signals to the galaxy that the human race has just achieved the capacity for interstellar travel. The ET’s from the planet Vulcan quickly arrive and make first contact…Star Trek Discovery -Full of hidden messages




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