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Planet of origin: Olympus Predominant languages: Southish . Star people are vertebrates, though their bones are made of calcium carbonate-reinforced chitin rather than hydroxyapatite. Their blood is light blue due to the presence of hemocyanin as the predominant oxygen-carrying pigment. They utilize D-chirality amino acids and L sugars. The star people exhibit centralized cephalization, with the brain being situated within the torso. Their eyes are situated on short stout stalks jutting out of the torso, and can move independently. Because of this, star people lack stereoscopic vision.  Despite their lesser ocular system, vision is vital to communication, as they lack ears. Instead, star people communicate by strobing colors up their necks by way of millions of cephalopod-like chromatophores. The lungs are also situated within the torso, and three respiratory openings cn be found on each side just below the wings. The wings are not used for flight, but rather serve as a copulatory aid. This is because coitus is performed standing, and each individual must lean on the other’s wing in order to stay in an upright position. The star people exhibit sexual mimicry, with the females possessing a phallically-shaped reproductive tract. This makes rape of females by males difficult. Males, being unable to exercise sexual power over females, are seen as the subordinate gender, leading the majority of star people society to be matriarchal. Star people are oviparous and produce one egg at a time. Roughly 2300 human years ago, the star people lived in a society comparable to the Roman Empire. The star people were then contacted by the nagas, who posed as gods. 1100 years hence, the nagas left. However, the many warring religious sects that spawned from their presence continued to spar over territory. One was pushed to the southern continent, which proved to be a vast resource-rich land protected from other sects by tall mountains to the north. The sect spread itself across the continent, assimilating and massacring members of the less-advanced native population along the way. 2000 years after the nagas left, the empire of the south continent had split into several countries, the most powerful of which was mytikas. The mytikans were the first to get to the moon, where they found a base left behind by the nagas. The base contained an artificial intelligence with data-banks detailing the secrets to all of the nagas’ technology. With this newfound knowledge the mytikans were able to traverse the stars and build an interstellar empire.
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