SPY IN THE SKY – Secrets and cover-ups on Earth and beyond With Mary Joyce

“SPY IN THE SKY – Secrets and cover-ups on Earth and beyond” is packed with visual evidence of secrets and cover-ups discovered ● on Mars ● on our Moon ● in Antarctica ● on ocean floors ● on NASA space missions ● and around our Sun. Extraordinarily detailed photos of humongous UFOs flying near the Sun are included that have never been published before. These discoveries were made when the author was doing research for the Sky Ships Over Cashiers website (www.skyshipsovercashiers.com) which focuses on a wide variety of cutting-edge topics. It soon became clear she was discovering SECRETS and COVER-UPS that the United States government doesn’t want the public to know. Why? Because as soon as some of those discoveries were posted on the website, they were blurred, distorted or completely wiped off satellite images on Google Earth. The book’s high-quality paper, printing, high-gloss cover and large format make it an eye-catcher for any coffee table. BUT those and other special production expenses were done for two other reasons: (1) so everyone clearly can see the visual evidence that BIG SECRETS are being hidden from the public, (2) so any interference in the book’s production could be avoided.




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