Signs of Ruins of An Ancient Alien Civilization Under Martian Desert Were Recently Discovered

As far as strange discoveries go, there is no better place to look at than the Red Planet itself, Mars. We’ve come across quite a series of anomalies here, to say the least, but today we will be primarily focusing on arguably one of the most important ones of this decade. In case you haven’t heard of it, you can see it right here in the pictures below. Yes, you’re seeing this right, those are actual ruins of an ancient alien civilization on Mars after all. If that weren’t enough the ruins themselves were discovered not too far away from the Martian face of Cydonia too which begs the question: Are they connected? NASA has stated on multiple occasions that these are nothing more than coincidental structure outlines on the ground, even going as far as to state that this is all just a bad case of pareidolia, but as you can tell this is a lot more than just that, to say the least. The structure in itself is simply put way too symmetrical and as far as shapes go, the square/rectangular shape and size is by far one of the rarest in the wild. But that’s not all, since close to this discovery you can also come across several pyramids which many believe to be linked with the ones from ancient Egypt. Could this be proof of the fact that ancient Egyptians were visited by Martians all along? Many believe so.

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