Secret Space Program
Secret Space Program

They are coming out every day with new Disclosure , looks like we are all going to be learning a lot. 2020 is probably our big year for information and Disclosure. Now we are finding out about secret space programs and now we have a United States Space Force which is officially the sixth military branch.This is first new branch in 70 years.

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  1. Hello! I have some new thoughts or insights in regards to the secret space program and my thoughts flash to a moment or scene from the movie,”Star Trek:First Contact!”When the first officer or number one explains to the inventor of warp drive all the social changes that will occur do to the Vulcans arrival on Earth.It corresponds a lot to the stories running around in regards to first contact behind the scenes obviously first contact already happen but was done behind the scenes in a controlled environment without public knowledge.Making treaties with ET’s that wouldn’t compromise there power over humanity like some friendly ET’s would insist we do in order to exchange technology.You need a world power organization to oversee alien activity plus you would need to build bases in order to develop dangerous technologies to maintain world control like underground or at the bottom of the sea.Not to mention colonizing our solar system like the moon and mars and so forth all of this can be achieved behind the scenes.Our Elohim potential can figure how to do all this in time.Like back engineered technologies we all utilize in our day to day lives.My point being is that we already live in a star trek future only that it is behind the scenes and out of reach of the common man.We should no longer hear that when this happens a star trek future will be created.My opinion is that it has already happened and the changes have happened on Earth only behind the scenes and with no public annoucements.The Elohim don’t need to tell us whether this is true or not or provide evidence to the contrary using our Elohim potential we can feel this is true within us not to mention what isn’t true.The Stargate SG-1 series is a fictional disclosure of these facts that a society can exist behind the scenes with free energy and star trek like technologies.Its by no means shocking to me and being a professed Raelian Jew has prepared me for this new reality for a long time now.You need money and technologies to survive on Earth but behind the scenes money and work would already be obselete and useless.A breakaway paradism society can already exist behind the scenes its just a matter of when and where all of that will be releaved to be true .No rational explanation required with the help of science and technology released to the public we can collectively work on making the acuqisition of wealth to no longer be the driving force in our lives a everyday boring reality!


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