Secret Chamber Behind Sphinx’s Ear?


We know by now that there’s more to the Sphinx from Giza than meets the eye. Experts all around the globe have devoted their whole lives for the sake of unearthing these ancient secrets and exposing their answers but so far, we’ve at a complete standstill, to say the least.

Recently however a massive discovery was made as the experts uncovered the fact that the truth was right in front of our eyes all along.

As you can tell from the picture right here, it appears as though right behind the Sphinx’s ear you can clearly see a blocking stone that resembles a keyhole of some sort.

This in itself wouldn’t be the greatest discovery of all time but couple this with the fact that Kipriyanovich Boriska, a Russian boy, claims to be able to remember his past life on Mars and he even claims this to be where all the secrets of humanity rest and before you know it you have a recipe for disaster, to say the least.

He stated that in his past life he saw his own civilization ignore the warning signs behind the secret chamber and they entered it precariously, effectively causing all life on Mars to cease to exist.

Sadly, however, he lost all of his memories soon after he claimed this as experts believe that he was actually brainwashed by the government into no longer remembering anything anymore.


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